E3 Expo again doesn’t disappoint

LOS ANGELES –– Trying to summarize the excitement of the annual E3 Expo is a task that is as difficult as taking in all of the amazing presentations and offerings that come with the event. From the numerous meetings, booths, conferences, to the parties and events that happen outside the Los Angeles Convention Center, E3 continues to be the dominant destination for the gaming industry to reveal its new products to the world’s media.

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Alexious1820d ago

It wasn't the best, but it was good overall.

Garethvk1820d ago

Exactly. Some years you do not really get the impact until after it is over. I have had some where I would be on the floor and you say ok, wow, I have seen all the big stuff and it is still day one. Then you have shows where late in day two you are still getting stuff in. The beauty is that there is plenty of smaller and medium sized stuff as well. This year we saw some stuff that we liked that would have otherwise flown under the radar as it was not from a major publisher.

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