Microsoft comments on Gears of War 2 debacle

Will or won't Gears of War 2 be appearing on the PC? As the web fury grows, PC Authority contacted the people behind the game to get some answers, and a nice photo gallery.

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morganfell3725d ago

Thanks Microsoft. Thanks for leaving the door for a PC version open wide enough to drive a freight train through...sideways. It is the same statement made about Gears 1.

AAACE53724d ago

They are just doing that to make people believe that the 360 is the only place to play Gears 2, so that people buy a 360. And they figure with the new low price... people who buy a $600 graphics card will look and say, "I guess the price ain't so bad now!"

At least that's what MS is hoping people will think!

But everyone knows this game will hit the PC as well, unless there's something MS isn't telling us!

Stryfeno23725d ago

They should make it for PC...Games for Windows is there to take droid's money who don't want to invest on a 360.

cr33ping_death3725d ago

just like Sony does and will if "you" ever buy a bluray movie, saw any of the spider man movies, buy quality SONY devices such as Stereos, computers, TV'S etc..... im sure you have contributed to SONY'S success in one way or another without buying a PS3. look around your home im sure you have a SONY brand something around you.

juuken3724d ago

Invest in a system that has a chance of breaking or secret pricetags?
No thanks.

PirateThom3724d ago

Pfft, as if you just can't illegally download it. :P

MaximusPrime3724d ago

Patchstation? what kind of stupid name is that?? xpatch 360 also have to update some games.


mfwahwah3724d ago


I don't think that has anything to do with 1's comment. But yea, I buy Sony products all the time. Wanna know why? Quality.

TheMART3724d ago

@ Maximusprime

Well I haven't seen so many firmware updates/patches after each other to fix several errors as on the PS3's firmware on any console yet. So I guess his name is taken from that specific fact.

We're not talking about game specific updates here.

On topic:

Why make it for PC?

1. Too much piracy
2. Games for Windows isn't getting paid members, they do earn money with XBL, so its better to get more gamers in there
3. Perfect strategy: get PC gamers to like Gears 1 that much that they need to play Gears 2 and buy a 360

silverchode3724d ago

pc gamers want quality hardware not used computer parts so i doubt theyll buy a 360.

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solidsnakus3725d ago

well of course this is coming to pc. you gotta seriously be braindead to even question it after gears 1 went to pc.

Dlacy13g3725d ago

While I am sure its going to eventually come to the PC, It would be one of the smarter moves MS has made in a long time if they actually did keep this "exclusive" to the 360.

I know, I know that is not a popular stance with any PC gamer out there. But from a business point of view, it would ensure that Gears 2 became a system selling title instead of a title a PC gamer would "wait" for. It's one of the things Sony does right, and one that MS needs to learn.

InMyOpinion3724d ago (Edited 3724d ago )

It would be different if it launched simultaneously on the PC though. If you own both a 360 as well as a gaming PC and want to play Gears 2 I find it odd that you would wait for the PC version instead of getting the game on the 360 right when it's released.

Lucreto3724d ago

@ Jenzo

PC gamers wait as they get a better game. Gears 1 runs better with a higher resolution and quicker loading times. It is also free to play online now so I would prefer to wait.

dogseye_deadhorse3724d ago

guess because mouse and keyboard, better graphics on pc, they already have a computer and no 360.

mfwahwah3724d ago

But they're doing this to target the non-360 owners. They want PC gamers to buy a 360, not just wait for the PC port.

TheMART3724d ago

Don't know dude. The real gamers want to play a fresh game right here, right now.

Not one year after the original released.

And it shows in PC sales of Gears of War and the sales on the 360.

It shows another problem on PC: piracy.

I bet MS rather sells 25% more on the 360 when not releasing the PC version, then sell 15% extra on the PC with 50% extra 'sales' by pirates.

This might be a very clever strategy from MS:

Gears 1 - to PC also, to get those PC gamers that didn't bought a 360 for Gears 1 still get lured into the gameplay and get excited for Gears 2.

Gears 2 - 360 only. Those PC gamers that didn't convert with Gears 1 have to play their favorite game. They will this time buy a 360 because they don't want to miss the second part of the story.

Bolts3724d ago (Edited 3724d ago )

Real gamers would want to play the BEST version of the game, and thats on the PC. That said real gamers would also own both. I guess you're not a real gamer then Mart. I happen to own the PC Gears of War as well as the 360 version. Its no question which one is superior. The PC wins by a mile.

But when I want to slack on the sofa still I break out the 360 version once in a while, despite its crappy graphics the 360 version is still fun. Unlike some shooters like CoD 4 where the PC version have massive multiplayer advantages like dedicated servers and mods, Gears of is Gears of War is still Gears of War regardless of which platform you play it on.

Mozilla893724d ago

They release it on the PC so far afterwards anyways that it doesn't really matter that it comes out on the PC after all. But then again I'm just impatient.

Proxy3724d ago (Edited 3724d ago )

Tempting them to put away the keyboard and mouse, pick up a controler and jump in to the experience of lower resolutions, extra fees (Live) for features that have long been free on PC, and no mod support. If that dosn't get them the "would have been free on PC, but now cost 5.99 per map" DLC will.

Also Mart, we have two systems:

System X has low overhead costs and has no restrictions as to what can be done. Anyone can develop games from the largest company to the smallest individual.

System Y has extra licencing fees and expensive development kits, making it even harder to turn a profit. Anyone but a large company, looking only to make a profit, is scared away by licencing fees and the added hastle of it all.

which system is more likely to have "fresh" games?

Lastly, even if is ONLY developed for 360, the day will come that the game is played on PC. It was developed on PC, and one way or another it will return to the PC.

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FantasyStar3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

Count me out. It's been well documented that Games for Windows (GFW) is one of the main problems as to why GeoW1 PC sucks so bad and crashes so much. Can someone vouch for me on this?

Altis13724d ago

They must have a crappy machine. I have been running it at max for over 2 months relentlessly and I haven't had a problem.

Bolts3724d ago

Thats totally BS, Gears of War run well over 110 FPS with 8X AA 1080p with all the settings maxed on my PC. There's a bit of loading here and there but overall its amazingly smooth.

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