Xbox Japan Honcho Says Price Cut Leak Was "Disappointing"

Kotaku writes: "Yesterday's big announcement at the Tokyo Xbox Media Briefing 2008 was across the board Xbox 360 console price cuts. But that news was leaked early! Whoops. Microsoft was left with announcing, hrm, what exactly was Microsoft left with? After the event, we tracked down Xbox Japan honcho Takashi Sensui:

Q: Was it disappointing that the console price cuts leaked before you could announce it?

A: It was disappointing. Very unfortunate.

Q: That was your only big announcement today.

A: That was one of our big announcements."

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Chuck Norris3726d ago

Kotaku: Oh yeah? ... Are there any surprises in store at next month's Tokyo Game Show?

Sensui: "Well, you'll have to wait and see."


Another price cut?

Johnny Rotten3726d ago (Edited 3726d ago )

Kotaku's knee pads were sponsored by Microsoft!

all in all though a price drop is good for compitition no matter what system your looking for :)

Excalibur3726d ago (Edited 3726d ago )

Because if everyone knows 2 months ahead of time it hurts your current sales, everyone waits.