Resident Evil 7's Demo Isn't Resident Evil

Resident Evil 7 is the latest entry in the long running series, but it's demo Resident Evil 7 Teaser: Beginning Hour doesn't really live up to the reputation that the franchise has built.

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BigBosss1821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

Capcom confirmed to GameSpot that the demo is a prologue to Resident Evil 7 and a standalone experience--you won't find its content in the finished game. It also confirmed that the full game features a different protagonist than the one you play as in the demo.


-Foxtrot1821d ago

And? That dosen't mean it's going to change the tone the game is going for. Yeah it might have a different character and story but the theme/stone of the game is set in stone.

A difference kind of horror instead of survival horror

First person

More like P.T or Outlast then Resident Evil

Will things found in past games even be in this game...I highly doubt it. After RE5, RE6 and now this it's clear Capcom doesn't get it...or they don't care.

BigBosss1821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

People should give this game a chance when it comes out instead of jumping into conclusions and jumping into assumptions.

Plus, don't forget there is a reboot coming out for RE2

Austin481821d ago

Once again gtfo u idiot.

naruga1821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

ive said it again in previous post ...RE 7 is even more alien(and mediocre) than RE4,5,6...

imo they try to appeal to a completely different audience alienating completely the original RE the start may have some hyped/curiosity sales ..but a sequel or even this game will be a total flop, as its already a bad copy of PT/Outlast cutting every relation from any RE succesful formula....

if i had to choose this abomination or a RE6/5/same-type-sequel, i would pick Re5/6/same sequel anytime

Walter_Official1821d ago

I agree with @Austin

All you do is bitch about games.

Now onto the article; How do you even know this is a representation of the final product. It's a teaser gameplay, same as P.T. and nobody especially you know how that game was going to end up since it was never like previous Silent Hill gameplay. So quit your bitching.

we4201821d ago

It's just funny how no one cared about Silent Hills being in first person but people lose their minds with RE being first person

Automatic791821d ago


I agree with you, it seems more catered to VR then an actual Resident Evil game. However, I am willing to give it a chance.

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Angeljuice1821d ago

It's the best RE game I've played in years.
It doesn't seem like RE because it doesn't have the terrible voice acting that plagues the series.

Really atmospheric and very unnerving. That was what I thought about the original when I first played it too.

I only ever really enjoyed the original game in the series, but I'm interested in this.

TheCommentator1821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

You guys slinging insults at Foxtrot need to GTFO. This is a forum full of opinions. Opinions differ from one person to the next.

When Crapcom said they know what fans of RE want and are going back to the series roots, I wanted to believe them. This demo is a sad reminder that Capcom is flexible enough to keep their heads up their asses for a very long time. This is nothing like the survival horror that made the series great, and the game is a sequel to the crappy RE games they said they were going to get away from. Crapcom Lied. And ripped of PT.

KwietStorm_BLM1821d ago

No, Capcom didn't get it WITH Resident Evil 4 and 5, and RE4 to an extent, because that is when the series really began to change. But go on and complain. Business as usual.

Kurdishcurse1821d ago

Survival horror has nothing to do with perspective. Just because its an fps then its automatically isnt SH? Doesnt work that way. Cap already confirmed combat and limited ammo, and said combat is more akin to RE1 which is more situational.

Kombatologist1821d ago

Everyone with doubts needs to read this article. Now.

#4 should make most fans happy.

Furthermore, why do people keep comparing this to the P.T. demo? P.T. didn't create the first-person horror genre (neither did Outlast for that matter). You guys are basically flipping out over a tech demo that has nothing to do with the final product. Wait until we see the actual game before throwing a tantrum.

From a technical standpoint, the franchise had to evolve again somehow. As much as we all love the classic RE games, going back to the fixed camera angles and and tank controls isn't practical anymore. We've also become desensitized to zombies. That's not to say there won't be any in RE7, but I like the "fewer but more meaningful enemies" approach.

Pongwater1821d ago

Guys, hating games 6-12 months in advance is just what Foxtrot does, no matter how little information he has to go on. He's like a meteorologist who predicts rain every day, then crows about it when it finally happens.

OT - This series stopped being "Resident Evil" with RE4 and needed to reinvent itself. I love the demo, so does everyone else I know, and we've all been playing RE since day one.

Rhezin1820d ago

all your disagrees prove Resident Evil is dead. People now want this first person BS. MIGHT AS WELL CALL IT A DIFFERENT GAME! Why call it Resident Evil anymore? They're riding on the coattails of P.T. and Outlast to cater to the bonehead P.T. masses that just can't give that demo up. Well here it is now, you can finally STFU. It only took a well known franchise's demise to make it happen.

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ZeroX98761821d ago

You can actually feel the horror theme a lot in this new teaser/demo compared to the old titles. Having limited vision like in real life VS playing on a flat screen, the immersion is so intense I think some won't be able to play it!

I'm really impressed with what I saw and after playing RE5 & 6, I prefer this one over those titles with just the short demo I saw.

rdgneoz31820d ago

Sounds like you'd enjoy Outlast then, since this game seems like it's really trying hard to copy what people are loving these days.

Gaming_Cousin1821d ago

I would rather play a full version of the demo than to have a game like Resident Evil 6 or 5 (The Call of Duty of Resident Evils)

Pongwater1821d ago

No joke. "Resident Evil" doesn't mean what it used to anyway, so I'm very happy to see this series reinvent itself.

PaleMoonDeath1821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

I've already preached reasons on every duplicate article that pops up on this matter, this is more Resi Evil than 4, 5 & 6 put together, I didn't fear the enemies in those games, the enemies feared me. BIG problem isn't it? this new approach is closer to feeling as helpless as I did in the original three games, and heck even Silent Hill! this is a welcome approach, one that will hopefully bury the blemish that 5 & 6 left on a once iconic series. Where were all you Resi 5 & 6 defenders when the games were getting roasted?

rdgneoz31820d ago

4 was good, 5 and 6 were meh. But as for it being more Resi Evil, it's more likely trying hard to be Outlast and P.T. which got a lot of praise from the gaming community compared to past Resi Evil games.

PaleMoonDeath1820d ago

The doom and gloom feeling came from the original Resident Evil games amigo, not these new games, horror was around way before those games came about! gameplay style is more Condemned Criminal Origins, Axe gave that away swiftly, but from what I've played.. I liked, I liked a lot! much more in common with the classics than the recent Resident Evil games since 2005 have ever been.

Summons751821d ago

Another article like this...enough already, we get it you are afraid of change when the changes are absolutely positive. It's going back to the horror roots like we wanted, it's getting the old light puzzle elements back, the only thing that's really different is that it will be in first person and that just makes the horror aspect better. It's not tank controls like RE1-3 and it's not the action that people didn't like in 4-6. Give it a chance or do you WANT another RE6?

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BrickHardcastle1821d ago

I would love another RE6! :D

Veneno1821d ago

It's OK for a series to reinvent itself as long as it isn't a product of focus testing 12 year Olds , soccer moms, and frat guys.

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