Once Again, Microsoft & Xbox Had The Best E3 Showing And Gamers Are Ignoring It

For the second straight year, gamers are overlooking what was yet another outstanding showing from Microsoft.

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Null19801826d ago

Not debating that they had a great conference. They did. But you do need to update your article to be more accurate. It has been confirmed that Dead Rising 4 is not strictly exclusive, just Timed Exclusive like Tomb Raider was.

RuleNumber51826d ago

Spaced that, updated. Thanks for noting!

Kaneki-Ken1825d ago Show
Lore1825d ago

Correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't the only newly announced titles that is exclusive to Microsoft consoles Halo Wars 2 & Forza Horizon? Everything else was announced last year

_-EDMIX-_1825d ago

@lore- even that is incorrect as Halo Wars 2 was announced at Gamescom last year.

Only Forza this year was "new" lol

As new as a Madden or Call of Duty being announced that is

ULTp0ltergeist1825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )

Actually both had great exclusives the only difference is Microsoft has games with real release dates on games Xbox owners will be playing all within a year's time and surprisingly tons of exclusives. On top of that the announcement of powerful consoles.

I think Microsoft like last year will reserve announcements for new IPs at Gamescom.

rainslacker1825d ago

Not to be contrary, but how can you say gamers are ignoring it when the bulk of the top articles on N4G, and numerous comments are about Scorpio and what it will bring.

It would seem to me that everyone is well aware of what MS delivered at their conference.

I don't think their game's showing was as good as Sony's personally, because a lot of their 1st party was already known, and most of their more interesting titles were shown last year, but they did have a good conference, and the biggest takeaway from it all was hardware releasing 18 months from now.

Hardware is cool and all, but it's not games. Even PSVR isn't getting as much notice as Scorpio, and the Sony games talk is mostly contained to smaller articles or click bait titled it would seem to me, that many gamers are ignoring that Sony had a great conference in order to console war up the whole Neo/Scorpio thing, because the whole console war is pretty much dead in the water otherwise.

Tobsesan1825d ago

Like last year, ms showed us what we can expect this year and early 2017. They focus on games far off at gamescom. Why announce a game like death stranded which wont come out another 3-4 years from now?

Angeljuice1825d ago

You'd have to be a blind fanboy to think that Microsoft had the best E3 show.

They announced an updated console, a 4k-light console, a single game (sequel) and a confused PC strategy.

thekhurg1825d ago

Sony had better games. Sony had the better conference. People don't care about Xbox because Microsoft constantly lies.

Rude-ro1825d ago

Yes, the true Microsoft kids are attacking anyone with facts right now.
It is beyond ridiculous.
Facts are not trolling but, he who owns it o guess

nveenio1824d ago

I think Microsoft had a good show, but not necessarily Xbox. I actually have less reason to buy an Xbox now than ever before with play anywhere being pushed so heavily. All of the exclusives that interest me will be Windows 10 compatible.

ZeroX98761824d ago


Well as a long time PS fan, I wanted to know what Kojima was going to release with Sony and I'm quite happy with the small glimpse we got!

maybe you didn't want to know, but some of us wanted to.

Fatal-Aim1824d ago

If games are not what you care about first, then Microsoft had the best conference. Otherwise, Sony absolutely destroyed them.

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Eonjay1825d ago

You are far too kind. If gamers are ignoring it it couldn't have been that good. Trust that gamers can think for themselves.

_-EDMIX-_1825d ago

Agreed. People do not need to be forced or coerced into liking content.

dcbronco1825d ago

Gamers can what? Since when? Comments say otherwise. Reality hasn't counted in gaming for over a decade. This is the era of the fanboys.

KnightsOfTerror601824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

Absolutely not. People still haven't forgotten E3 2013... Besides with a rather significant lead, and 40 million units sold, the PS community will OBVIOUSLY back PS... For no Logical reason do I see them saying Xbox had the best showing. Nor would they want to. It's considered a laughing stock console to those who don't own it and you're looked down upon if you do own one... Microsoft won't triumph until Sony skips too much of a beat or IS without a shadow of a doubt the better console for gaming on. Simple.

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Veneno1825d ago

is the author saying that once again Microsoft had the best show because it was the exact same show as last year?

ps4joel1824d ago

hahahahahaha i not surprise

Aceman181824d ago

I took note of the conference, and since once again they did not have anything that interested me and in ended up selling my X1 to my friend for her son.

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MCTJim1826d ago (Edited 1826d ago )

They had another great conference. I am looking forward to the S and the Scorpio for hardware.
Games wise, I liked most if what they showed. I really want to play Sea of Thieves. They did have a good lineup. Looking forward to the fall and what 2017 brings to the table.

Tobsesan1825d ago

Dont get why you have so many downvotes...

Really liked the conference

StanleyRoper1825d ago

The downvotes are there because Earth is PS4 country.

thisgamer5031824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

This is N4Gaf. Every props4 comment in here is upvoted by every ps4 gamer. They don't work so they sit at home on N4G and down/upvote things to their hearts content.

IamTylerDurden11825d ago

Sea of Thieves was shown the previous year as were most of the games. Microsoft was extremely weak on games at e3 while Sony dominated with new AAA megaton after new AAA megaton.

God of War


Days Gone

Death Stranding



Incredible Horizon demo

TLG October 25, 2016 date and new trailer

Here They Lie, Bound

Sony smashed e3 with new games and incredible demos, no talking, no devs on stage, no bs. Ppl are ignoring the Microsoft conference bc it wasn't as good, no conspiracy theories here.

Jgonger1825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )

Most of those games arent coming out within a year. Where as the xb1 games announced are mainly coming out in under 6 months.
Sure MS could have told everyone what is coming out in 2 years but who cares. I wanna know what i can get THIS year. The fact is that the same old XB1 line up which is out this year trumps sony's. GoW4 will be a huge release like halo 5 and uncharted 4 was.
Sony just has this stupid hype train previewing games 3 years before release.
Both E3s were mediocre at best. But sonys definitely wasnt one of the better ones. I was suprised PSVR didnt take off like it did last year. I dont see a single article and my ps4 buds havent said anything like everyone did last year.
Maybe because oculus is coming to xb1 and psvr right now is kind of a joke compared to it? I have no idea.

remixx1161825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )


What you fail to realize is that Sony has more games releasing in the next 9 months than MS does. They just didn't show them all again for the umteenth time like MS. You guys praise MS for showing you more of what you already knew about?

Sony could have shown you dreams again, no man's sky again, gt sport again, gravity rush 2 again, persona 5 again, ff12 remake, nier automata, mlb the show, king of fighters, hell they already showed the last guardian and horizon zero dawn again.

All those games are releasing within the next 9 months, 6 within the next 6 months and only one is an indie title. Which is more than what MS has lined up.

We don't need to see those games again, Sony let us see the future while MS peddled you guys the same crap from last year and you praise them for it. The only new games were a yearly release game whose announcement are as about as unexpected as Call of Duty and a year timed exclusive. If you guys take off the blinders you'll see it was actually maddd boring but that minecraft demo was hype

Also what do you mean psvr didn't take off? We've spent an entire year talking about the damn thing, I barely see anyone talking about vive or occulus for that matter. Also occulus isn't coming to the one unless you like theater mode, only Scorpio owners can use full on vr unlike original ps4 owners who can enjoy psvr right out the box.

Sony announced death stranding, days gone, God of War, detroit become human and spiderman man. With other games not even at the confrence like Ni No Kuni 2, star ocean 5, ff7 remake, dragon Quest 11 and more all lined up for the future.

I love how announcing mad games isn't good enough for you guys, you clowns need to come up with reasons to not be impressed and move goal posts like "sooner release dates" and "6 teraflops".

StanleyRoper1825d ago

@Jgonger. "I wanna know what i can get THIS year." Ha! PS4 owners know what they can get THIS year, just the same as everybody else. Terrible argument. Also, your fact regarding who's lineup is better is not a fact. Just an opinion. A bad one. That a majority of fans, and even simple, pure logic would disagree with. E3 is supposed to be about hype, not a funeral. Gross post. Gross. You should be ashamed.

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Gh05t1825d ago

i don't think you know what a conference is if you think no talking is a good thing, then you are watching a show. That isn't a conference. Sony had a great show. MS had a conference.

TimelessDbz1825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )

Believe it or not. There is A LOT of people who like it when devs walk on stage and talk about the future of their platform , updates , vision and other things coming. Its cool to show nothing but games but does not tell me where your heading . Hence why its called a press conference .

donthate1825d ago

Sony showed lots of games I'm not going to see for a long time, that will trickle release. Standard Sony tactic. Just take a look at this year, only major game releasing is a game promised almost a decade ago, and is finally releasing called Last Guardian. Next up, Horizon in 2017.

Keep listing it, but some of those games, are gonna be on PS5!

1825d ago
Sunny_D1825d ago


I'm pretty sure MS has shown those games many times in previous E3's already as it is. Scalebound and Crackdown were announced in 2014 and yet they still didn't release until next year with no real date...

bennissimo1824d ago

Yawn yawn yawn.

I'll be lucky to just play Horizon this year, but there's nothing proving that it'll be ready in time for the holidays.

As for everything else... well, "megaton" is a bit subjective. The only game otherwise listed in your comment that's anywhere near interesting is RE7, and several of the journalists who actually played the game say it's a "nauseating mess", to quote one.

Sony's conference was mediocre, whereas MS confirming Scorpio and its capabilities was huge. Sorry, but as a PS4 owner, even I can admit that.

Automatic791824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )


Both had a fantastic show.

Any money bet you are one of the vocal few who complains when all you see is CG trailers in game conferences to then turn around and do a 180, accepting it for your own bias agendas with the company you devoted to.

MS showed off fantastic exclusives

Inside w limbo free E3
We Happy Few
Forza Horizon 3
Gears of War 4- All gears will be given for free
DeadRising 4
Sea of Thieves
Halo Wars 2 - playable for E3 week
State of Decay 2

[email protected] games coming soon

Tekken 7 w Tekken tag tournament

Battlefield 1

The Division DLC first on Xbox June 28

Final Fantasy 15

Xbox One S HDR
Xbox Scorpio
Customizable controllers
Xbox Live Arena
Xbox Play Anywhere
Xbox play music in Background

No other show featured so much announcements and gameplay

If Xbox showed off CGI's and one date for the rest of the year you would sitting there typing rants about Xbox instead of saying they won. Sorry your bias is does not account for all, you may get a good bunch of agrees but you don't speak for all gamers.

By the way all games mentioned had positive reviews with regards to Xbox One exclusives and Indies coming out of E3. That's how you do an E3.

Again both had fantastic shows overall so as a gamer of both I will be looking forward to playing all games that interest me.

ZeroX98761824d ago


Almost every conversation I see about the Xbox brand is about the scorpio, which isn't coming out for at least 18 months. Looks like people are more focused on what's releasing further down the line than in the next few months.

We'll see in the next few months if MS really did make a difference with what they announced or if Sony had the best showing. based on what Xbox fans are saying, the Xbox brand should be selling like freaking hotcakes in the next few weeks. we'll see which side the majority will take.

trooper_1824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

What is this nonsense about the games not being released in three/four years? Sony still announced more games.

PsVitaBuzz1824d ago

Wait a minute....Sony announced games that are not out this year mostly and late next year and they smashed it? Lol

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TheBrit1825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )

I will buy a Scorpio if it is allowed to be used as a next gen console - if it is just going to make current games look better and have a better frame rate then what's the real point in moving from an Xbox one?

I think the games on the Xbox one are pretty dammed good as it is so a whole new 500 bucks or whatever it comes out at for 4k that I don't have, VR that I don't have and probably will not shell out for the head set for etc. seems like a waste and I have literally always purchased at least 2 of each generation Xbox's.

I have been with the system since early Xbox live beta testing days and I preview / beta test a lot of Microsoft products so Microsoft is most definitely my console of choice but I'm having a hard time seeing the benefit this time around.

Maybe time and more details will tell and sway me, which I'm sure it will because I wont be able to see them sitting on the shelf all shiny and stuff and not want to tuck one under my arm :) but right now I am just not seeing it.

Blade921824d ago

Your better of getting a gaming PC instead of wasting money on a Scorpio.

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ThePope1826d ago

The pre-orders on the S, as well as the excitement around things like FH3, DR4, and GoW is telling me no ones ignoring them. But it does get you more clicks.

WelkinCole1825d ago

On Amazon best sellers it way below the PS4 TLG console.

Mrveryodd1825d ago

you know the only place you can buy from amazon is the USA , well you cant from AU

DJStotty1825d ago

Not according to Amazon UK.

Number 1 in consoles section.

try harder

IamTylerDurden11825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )

A yearly release

A timed exclusive

A game that just had a laughably bad beta...

Then Sony has -

God of War


No Man's Sky

I think Sony has the advantage.

Jgonger1825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )

No man sky will fail big due to aimless roaming and no objective. No man sky had all the hype last year but it seems to be dying off like psvrs hype.
Gods of war isnt coming out for a year or 2 at least. Horizon wont be that popular either.
Gow4 will be like a halo 5/uncharted 4 release.
No racing game can compete with forza with consumers or esport players.
Why do you fall into sonys hype train of previewing games 3 years before release? They do this all the time.

Recore is a huge 1st game. Sea of theives somehow had 4 hour waits to play it. Scalebound looks meh at the moment like horizon is. Seemed to be the only game coming out in the next 6months along is psvr support.

IRetrouk1825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )


Wow...... so much bullcrap in one post, you are deluded and wrong on the majority of what you typed, do some research man.

StanleyRoper1825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )

@Jgonger. Your arguments are awful. They're not even real. All your predictions and analysis are terrible too. How can somebody be so wrong?

samden1825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )

@jgonger, Where did you get the information that NMS has no objective? Because that is completely false. Read just about any article about the game and you will know what it is about. Also even if it is aimless roaming/no objective how can you say it will fail after Minecraft, Terraria, and other "aimless" games became huge hits?

Where are you getting that Horizon won't be popular? The PS community is raving about the game and everybody is pumped for its release.

M$ took everybody by surprise with Scorpio, I'll give them that. ReCore, is something new for the platform and kudos to M$ for stepping beyond the shooter genre. But everything else was pretty meh. And as someone who has played RTS games for 2/3 of my life, Halo Wars 2 is mediocre. It has potential if they have expansions but that is unlikely as it is a console first game.

Allsystemgamer1824d ago

Ignore Jgonger

He's just mad his mommy bought him an Xbox instead of a ps4.

He's like that kid on the playground with a yoyo when al his friends are playing with Pokemon cards.

thisgamer5031824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

When are Sony's games releasing? TLG was announced during PS3 days lol but get excited about things that might never materialize. Or maybe on the PS5.


Yeah cause Pokemon is something to be jealous of LOL grow up child. The kids with pokemon cards in my day were dorks.

xfiles20991824d ago

I'm sorry but Horizon will be the next big franchise for Sony I bet that game does better than anyone is anticipating.I would not be surprised if it beats Uncharted 4 first week sales. Not trolling so Mods Please Do Not Restrict Me. But I bet Horizon will out sell Gears of War 4. Horizon is a Open world game that screams game of the year There is so much Buzz on this one

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Aloy-Boyfriend1826d ago (Edited 1826d ago )

We are not ignoring that Scorpio and Xbone Slim were the saving grace of the conference.

When you take those two things out, you end up with a boring paced, PC centric, already seen games conference. Not to mention the mayority of stuff was already leaked

E3 is a game centric event. If because of those two consoles you think they won E3, Good for you! Game-Wise Sony killed it at E3 more than everyone else.

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Death1825d ago

E3 is game centric? I was under the impression that hardware is typically announce at e3 and released in the fall. I guess since Sony decided to ignore the Neo during the event we can redefine E3 so Sony can "win". Sony had some great announcements with some very good looking games. Praising Sony for not talking about the upcoming hardware is silly. Why would you prefer not knowing about hardware that is less than 6 months away? What if PSVR is crippled on PS4? Don't you want to know or do you want to be surprised when you bring it home? I would like to think being informed is a good thing.

JackBNimble1825d ago

Psvr was at e3 with plenty of demos. Do you really think Sony would release a platform that doesn't work on the ps4 ? Sony has only been in business for 70 + years , they're not as stupid as you may think.

Death1825d ago

Did you miss the Vita and PSTV launches? I absolutely think Sony is capable of launching PSVR which they have said from the beginning was a separate platform and not be fully compatible with PS4. There is a reason Sony is rushing out an underpowered Neo this year instead of waiting. Sony is banking a lot on PSVR and Neo should address the power concerns devs have with the PS4.

Da1rocky1825d ago

I think you misunderstand what death was trying to say I think what he means is switch the scenario with the Neo with the PS VR and would Gamers still be happy about not knowing details about something coming out so soon

JackBNimble1825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )

No Da1rocky, that's not what he is saying at all.

Neo is also all about Uhd blu-ray format , the format was recently released to the public last march .Why would Sony wait just because Scorpio was announced ? Believe it or not Sony is invested in uhd blu-ray , and with xbox s also having uhd blu-ray they will launch Neo asap.
Uhd blu-ray will be a system seller above and beyond any cpu/gpu boost for gamers . And Death, you don't need to worry so much about psvr since it ain't gonna work on your xbone .

Bruh1825d ago

But they did address hardware, they literally show cased games running on their VR headset coming this Fall. They're not stupid enough to showcase the Neo at an event in which their competitors unveiled a more powerful mid-cycle upgrade. They focused on software which is smart, since for them the selling of hardware isn't an issue

1825d ago
morganfell1825d ago

Crippled on PS4? Most ridiculous comment of the week. PSVR has been demoed live on PS4s for over a year. Keep making things up if you want but as you bend over with your head in the sand PSVR, sold out everywhere in North America, is going to run slap over you and your absurd, "let's ignore reality remarks."

Sony didn't announce the Neo for 3 reasons. They didn't need to in order to knock the ball out of the park. Almost every site has stated Sony handily won E3. Second, they are far smarter than you not to cannibalize PS4 sales between now and the mere 30 days before launch when they do announce it. Neo is just another SKU for Sony like the PS3 slim rather than a last ditch Hail Mary effort like Scorpio. Sony didn't need to turn to the PC in order to save sales. And finally, pulling the announcement was simply a case where Microsoft has been baited by Sony into a game they can't win. Power doesn't win console wars. It never has. But go ahead and focus on everything but games and keep bringing Halo, Gears, and Forza.

And crippled? So you believe that not only Sony are lying but also the 230 plus developers behind working on titles for PSVR as well. Everyone else is lying and you with no dev kit know the secret truth. Sorry, that scenario may play out in 12 Monkeys but in real life you are an object at which one can merely laugh.

BTW, you might want to get a bigger box of tissues as the PSVR will continue through the holidays and into next year as a massive seller driving PS4 sales over anything you prefer.

Death1825d ago


If PSVR is the huge success you believe it will be and software releases to justify a purchase, couldn't I simply buy one for my PS4 instead of a box of tissues? You say Neo wasn't made to increase PSVR performance, I believe the devs that claim PS4 isn't powerful enough to run PSVR properly. I also believe launching a stronger PS4 (Neo) at the same time as PSVR is difficult from both a manufacturing and marketing perspective. There has to be a reason for doing this other than it's a "mid gen" upgrade, but faster and more powerful which is something that has never been done.

Anyway you slice it, 5 minutes at E3 would have cleared this up.

morganfell1825d ago

They have been demoing it for over a year. If you think 5 minutes will help those like you that are determined to hate PSVR then you aren't even worth laughing at.

As for how smart it was NOT to mention Neo:

Team that built and marketed the unstoppable leading console this generation > you.

jb2271824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )


"E3 is game centric? I was under the impression that hardware is typically announce at e3 and released in the fall. I guess since Sony decided to ignore the Neo during the event we can redefine E3 so Sony can "win""

Are you serious with that? May be the hardest movement of the posts I've ever seen on here.

Yes. E3 is "game centric"....not sure what E3 you've been watching for the past couple decades, but games are always the focal point of any E3....could you be mistaking E3 for CES? What do you think happens in the many years between console releases? Do they just shut it down entirely? Could've sworn I saw them keeping the lights on to show off a game or two...

As far as the hardware, we will hear more about the Neo soon enough, and when we do, we will see an actual release date, hear a firm price, see the box itself, and most importantly, we will actually see games running on the hardware. You know, the entire reason we buy new consoles? It's hilarious that Sony gets criticized for showing full meaty chunks of gameplay for new announcements w/o a release date, but MS just says "6 tflops" & that is enough to be considered a " reveal" we have a vocal group of MS fans criticizing Sony for showing off their wares early, & now they are being called out for not showing their wares early enough solely because MS jumped the gun in a huge way w/ a knee jerk announcement?

MS' Scorpio announcement was the CG trailer of games console announcement...tells us nothing & will not necessarily look the way we picture it in our minds when it finally drops.

As far as PSVR being "crippled" at launch on PS4, we do realize that it has only ever been shown off & testing at all of these expos running on a vanilla PS4 right? I haven't seen any previewer have anything but praise for the performance of PSVR, so that point is also moot as well.

You need to go back to the drawing board with your criticisms, because they are all fully bogus.

agame9141824d ago

Sony stated long Before e3 neo will not be shown moron

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Nyxus1826d ago

I simply thought the Sony conference was a lot better, it's not a matter of ignoring, it's a matter of what you are looking for. As someone who already owns an Xbox One, I don't have much use for the One S, and I need to see more of the Scorpio first and how much of a difference it will make. Sony focused solely on games, an approach I could really appreciate.

BossBattle1825d ago

But God of War and Kojima's game are in early development. MS showed more games that are releasing sooner and have actual release dates.

gamerswin241825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )

No Microsoft showed mostly games they showed last E3 regurgitating those past announcements (hence release dates). Sony also showed "some" games from last E3 with release dates such as The Last Guardian but they also showed what ppl look forward to at E3, new and secret games in development. Wtf changed the rules and said E3 was for showing old games already mentioned coming out withing a year of E3 lol thts not what E3 is for. Sony had a gd amount of games on the floor not shown during conference that are coming out within the year for ps4 and VR smh. Microsoft just showed games they showed last year bcus they didnt have anything new to show. Sony showed old and new and imo just had too many guns and way more variety of new ips.

Ceaser98573611825d ago

agreed but MS already showed those games last year.... there was nothing new except for new hardware and play anywhere.... personally i liked Gears and recore.... also GOW is not in early development.... they have started working since 2014 onwards.... Death stranding and Days gone are early in development.

ninsigma1825d ago

So ms wins because they showed games they showed last year while Sony loses for showing great new games?? Right.