Keiji Inafune comments on the launch version of Mighty No. 9 "it’s better than nothing"

From GameWatcher: "Poor Keiji Inafune. Inafune was part of the team that created the original Mega Man games. He has experienced some wonderful highs, but the launch of Mighty No. 9 has to be one of his career lows. At first it seemed like Mighty No. 9 would work out well, earning close to four million dollars in just one month. However, lots of money didn’t seem to help Inafune’s studio, Comcept Inc create a good game."

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DesignatedDevon1824d ago

"Better than nothing" ??

I'll take a hard pass on this one.

Brandnewfan6101824d ago

His troll level is through the roof lmao

hay1824d ago

He took 4 million dorrar and says it could've been nothing? Dayum. It's a fucking scam, you could do A LOT with this kind of budget.

exkalibur971824d ago

4 million isnt that much considering how many platforms its on. let this be a lesson to anyone who is thinking of donating to a kickstarter

SourtreeDing1824d ago

now we know this guy is a piece of shit to work with

hulk_bash19871824d ago

Their mistake was trying to put it on too many platforms. They didnt have enough budget or focus to make a worthy successor successor to the Megaman throne. Sad indeed for the people that put faith and money into the project.

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freshslicepizza1824d ago

the whole process has been an embarassment.

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Null19801824d ago

"Hey, I ordered the filet mignon."

"Shuttup and eat your dollar menu burger," he says.

harv0521823d ago

hahahaha! That's a great analogy! Made me laugh!

-Foxtrot1824d ago

What a douche

This could have been something special

Hold_It1824d ago

Well said Foxtrot, well said!

BattleAxe1824d ago

Hey, just buy the game, play it, and keep quiet! /s

Godmars2901824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

Or what he said originally was translated poorly.

Not that it excuses the game. especially if its true that it bricked a console, which is hearsay based on someone's forum post.

Zeref1824d ago

the thing about crowdsourced games is that you cant listen to everything fans want in the game. Because most of them don't know game development and end up ruining the game in the end. I think that's what happened here. There is such a thing as listening too much to fans.

XanderZane1824d ago

The fans aren't the ones who control the development of the game though. Inafune is the one who kept making the promises if fans donated more money. They should have just stuck with PC, PS4 and XB1. They tried to do to much and then when it got tough they had to keep delaying the game and pushing it back. I'll never back another one of his games after this mess.

Deadpooled1824d ago

Should not have tried to put it on so many platforms, resources would have then been used better and more efficiently to make a better game overall instead of halfassing every version to meet a deadline

KentBenMei1824d ago

It is an out of context quote. MN9 is decent.

RashBandicoot1823d ago

This was actually spoken independently by the translator. It's proven to be false.

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Loadedklip1824d ago

I hope this is taken out of context .... because if it's not ... damn.

mushroomwig1824d ago

Yup, what a disgusting thing to say to the people who funded the game with their own money.

Erik73571824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

They didn't agree to pay for a amazing game, they agreed to fund development for a game they thought they would be amazing. Only obligation he had was making the game and that was his only job, not for your personal enjoyment or the people who funded it to enjoy it. What matters is that he made his game and his vision of that game, those people agreed to fund that whether they knew it or not.

People need to give this guy a break, its hard to make a game. When you go up on kickstarter your asking the community to pay for the vision you have for your game, not for their enjoyment.

remixx1161823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )


What the hell dude?

He promised a worthy successor to Megaman which in turn is promising fans of mega man a good game.

What you said is like going to a restaurant and paying before hand, ordering a mango salsa porter house with a side of steamed vegetables and getting a Tyson freezer porkchop, you question your chef and he says "hey my only obligation was to make you a meal after you paid me, the slab of meat you got is better than nothing".

I can completely understand if the last guardian sucked (which it won't) and it would be okay because studio japan's only obligation was to make a game even though people have been waiting for it, primarily because the studios money is what paid for the game.

This situation on the other hand is different, various people paid for your product in hopes of getting quality and waited quite a while. You ship them some bullshit and tell them to deal with it. GTFO

LackTrue4K1823d ago


The guy asked for a dam handout, and now you defend his lack of effort and ask to "people need to give him a break"

Hope people get the opportunity to get reimbursed kick starter/game purchase.

SenorFartCushion1824d ago

He did say "even if it is not perfect" before hand so it was mistransgribed for one BUT

Regardless of context, what Inafune said was essentially leaked because it didn't come from his mouth. It came from his translator.

Sirk7x1824d ago

I do agree with this. I was thinking about it the other day with Aonuma. Japanese and English are not really fully compatible languages. Someone asks a question, and then the translator has to interpret into Japanese, not only remembering what the English speaker said, but then shaping it into something that will work. He then has to reverse the entire process, and I'm sure there is an amount of information that is lost between the original two speakers.

YoungPlex1824d ago

I don't know bro, it's certainly not the time to be making sarcastic remarks...

Pretty f'd up! I really enjoyed Soul Sacrifice Delta and Azure Striker Gunvolt, both recent and are damn fine games and, I'm highly anticipating Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 coming real soon. Idk, I picked it up but have yet to play it. I'm almost tempted to just say screw it and take it back...

Hold_It1824d ago

Lol, we almost got nothing. You don't just get $4m + for a game FUNDED BY FANS, and then turn around and provide almost no updates with what's going on. This is just a prime of example of what Ubisoft would/could do if they had something on Kickstarter.

Erik73571824d ago (Edited 1824d ago ) can do whatever the hell you want as long as you get a game at the end your fine.
I don't do things for your enjoyment, if we give you a update on development be grateful we took that unnecessary risk and we aren't obligated to do that its just a nice thing to do, when a kickstarter pays for my project they pay for my vision and my art...not for you to enjoy it. You just think you will enjoy that game and you then expect the artist to feel a obligation to make you happy when actually all he agreed to was to take the money your willing giving him to develop HIS game, not yours!

We dont force you to pay for our development, you willing did it and the only person to complain to is yourself.

Hold_It1824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

It's apologists like yourself that have contributed to the decline of gaming. I look forward to the future hypocritical post you will make with almost the same message as mine above.

I'm not the only person to complain, just about everyone who contributed to the kickstarter of Mighty No. 9 has complained. Because they have screwed over those who contributed. Obviously you don't have the slightest clue how game development works if you think people who fund games aren't as equally important as the ones making the game. Without us, you are nothing, and you don't exist as a company, and as a developer. With your mentality, you will be lucky if you ever make one friend in life or have any kind of career at all.

Igarashi, and company are showing how you should do a kickstarter, while Inafune and team have hardly shown any progress. You can't do whatever you want as a development team. Look how that turned out for Hideo Kojima. People are not going to give you money if you can't make good on paying people back with the same generosity as those who gave it to you. When you pay for a product the product is supposed to work as advertised, and be as advertised otherwise you are being scammed with a defective product. You will learn that the hard way when you try to make your so called "games" with RPG Maker.

s45gr321824d ago

Definitely, I am not funding any game you make. Game developers must let the gamers know how the game is shaping up through game updates, forums, etc. Do you really think publishers publish games without having one to one communication with the game developer or allowed the game developer to do as they please with the publishers' money no right. When it comes to kickstarter same principle applies because without the fans funding the game, guess what their game does not come to fruition

XanderZane1824d ago

That's all well and good, but in the future these same gamers and fans will never fund another one of your games. Other developers may not want to work with you as well. So keep that in the back of your mind when you have another opinion.

Erik73571824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

No, I'm just not self inclined to what you want. Its first world millennials who think they are obligated to everything they want. I am not impacted by how you will look or think about my game, its whatever I want it to be cause its MY game. And when you go on kickstarter you're agreeing to fund MY GAME not yours.

You can complain and criticize sure but you shouldn't get mad at the developer they didn't make what you wanted, they MADE WHAT THEY WANTED CAUSE THEY MADE IT.

You want your version of Megaman? Go make one instead of complaining about this one on the n4g comment section.

slinky1234561824d ago

The issue with everything you're saying is that they did lie in the original kickstarter. It's not what the game turned out to be at all. The problem with them not releasing updates just contributes more to their lies on how the game will be. It's released not at all how they said it would be when they were trying to get money out of people, which contributes to it being a scam. It would be fine if it was JUST a bad game, it really would be.. But they didn't try. And his quote proves it.

If they said they were gonna make this mega-man-like game mighty number 9 and show all they showed... then released a game like Skyrim it would still be scammy and filled with lies. Sure the games great, but they lied to get money out of people. Extreme example but it's true.

s45gr321824d ago

It was advertised as a spiritual successor to mega man, plus it was widely advertised as a modern version of mega man. If it doesn't play or look like how it was advertised, then it falls under false advertisement. The people that fund the game are part of the game development process: they tested the game, advertise it, and gave advice to the game developer what worked what did not work.

instantstupor1824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

Holy crap man. Are you serious? Are you a developer on Kickstarter? What game are you making so I know to keep all this in mind if I ever come across it...

What I find super weird is that you are acting like everyone didn't like the game but he was super proud of it. It's pretty clear he didn't even end up making the game he wanted to make. And even if he did, he is absolutely making it for other people's enjoyment. No one, save for you, is sitting out there asking people for money and saying "I don't care if you enjoy this, give me your money to make a game I care about - and ONLY I care about - and then you can go and f*&k off". Obviously I'm not saying developers need to listen to backers every beck and call, nor do I think backers have any thought other than "this guy is going to make something he thinks is cool, and it sounds cool to me, so I'll likely enjoy it". Why else would they give money?

You don't think that backers deserve updates? You think that's "being nice"? That's called good business. That's called good will. That's what you want to do if you want to keep your backers happy and spreading positive word of mouth about your game for possible future customers and purchases. If you took this to a company and the company funded your project, you think they wouldn't require you to give them progress updates? Why do you think this is any different?

Also I think first world milennial describes your thought process perfectly. I want you to give me money to do something I WANT and I have absolutely no need to take anything you say into account. I'll do what I want, the way I want, without needing to give you any input or insight into my progress. Me, me, me. I don't know how when someone gives you money that you think they are acting entitled when they might want a few updates over a year or two development cycle. You have a really terrible world view friend.

Pancit_Canton1824d ago

He don't ****ing care. It's not his money.

Sirk7x1824d ago

It is his name however, and that's very important in the independent gaming scene.

oasdada1824d ago

Guess he was too busy working ob recore.. now my expectations for that game are lowering too damn

XanderZane1824d ago

He's not the only one working on Recore and there are publishers who are watching everything they do and their progress. If it's not up to snuff if could easily be pulled just like Fable Legends. With Mighty #9, there aren't any publishers really keeping track of what Keiji Inafune is doing.

Hoffmann1824d ago

Others create better games with only 300k through kickstarter.

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