Overwatch: Best Hero to Use for Every Play-Style

Whether you’re brand new to Overwatch or have been playing since launch, it’s always important to know which characters excel in each role. In this article we talk about which heroes are the best in the offensive, defensive, support, healing, and tanking positions.

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SwiffEpics1829d ago

Who's the best defense character? Besides that this is a solid article. Great job!

Elit3Nick1829d ago

There's not really a best defense hero, since defense is the most varied class. Every hero has a different niche, Widowmaker excels in killing nimble heroes, Hanzo has a higher DPS so excels in sniping larger heroes, Bastion is area of denial, Torjorn is more support oriented and Mei is crowd control.

mamysozn1828d ago

well said,also wanna add that mei is supper annoying in defense.

XisThatKid1828d ago

Who do you love seeing on the other team? who's easy pickings for you? for me it's Bastion and starting to be Tracer

DesignatedDevon1829d ago

Good write up!

It's interesting because you can't just roll with Hanzo every match. Gotta pay attention to your team's character roster, and then build your own to suit.

S-Word1829d ago

Just pick Junkrat, close your eyes, & mash left-click until you win.