Everything You Need To Know About AMD's RX 470 | ASidCast

Graphics cards keep getting cheaper and more powerful, but AMD’s line-up this year is surely a generational leap that was much needed for us PC gamers, both for enthusiast as well as budget builds. The RX 480 gives phenomenal 1440p and VR performance, at 200$ while the recently shown lower end RX 470 and 460 make 1080p gaming possible even within 150$.

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1nsomniac1828d ago (Edited 1828d ago )

I only game @1080p not fussed about anything over that at all. I do play all my games at maximum graphical detail though & my overclocked GTX760 is just starting to struggle so I need to upgrade soon. Not sure whether to go GTX1070 or even RX470 this time...

Software_Lover1827d ago

Why not just get the 480 for $200 and not have to worry about anything?

1nsomniac1827d ago

Very good point my main problem being though, do I switch back to ATI. I switched to Nvidia for a good reason & ive never been disappointed since. However I don't like how greedy & untrustworthy they have become lately. It's a tough one.