Tomb Raider Pre-Alpha Footage 1996

Tomb Raider celebrates 20th anniversary with a pre-alpha footage of the first game that was made in 1996. It's actually unusual to watch this video after playing Witcher or actually any game that came out recently. But at the same time, it's incredible because you see the leap game industry has made.

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windblowsagain946d ago

Classic and jumping actually took skill, not on rails like newer games.

Loved it

naruga944d ago (Edited 944d ago )

if this game would release nowdays would feature a fat ass (non sexist) full clothed , small breast freak-Lara in order to not get reactions from some jobless anomalous SJWs or some game journalists of the same kind who just dont have any relation with gaming but still destroy whatever dont satisfy their opinions

PizzaSteve944d ago

Why is pushing the jump button considered a skill?

Eidolon944d ago (Edited 944d ago )

In newer games, that is all you have to do, jump. It snaps you to the nearest ledge, you just have to be close.
In these older platformers, you had to judge your jumps, time, height/distance, and angle.

Marcello945d ago

That music gives me nostalgia goosebumps ;(

mezati99944d ago

same :(

ohh the memories...

Bobafret944d ago

Wow same here. The King's Field music takes me back as well.

poppinslops944d ago

I heard she was an 'accident' - that a dev was working on background NPCs 'misplaced' a decimal point with regards to her breast's polygons and everyone was so impressed with the result that they built a franchise around her... God bless that incompetent legend, and his pervy co-workers!

thrice944d ago

Now that's how you make a Minecraft mod!

starrman1985944d ago

Damn, I used to fancy the **** outta her!

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The story is too old to be commented.