Star Wars: Battlefront – Bespin – New Hero Deep Dive

The Bespin DLC also introduces two new heroes to Star Wars Battlefront - Lando Calrissian and the destructive bounty hunter Dengar.

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esmittystud1011823d ago

If your looking for space battles, CoD Infinate Warfare would be a good choice. Battlefront is good without the space fights. Best running shooter out there. No server issues, no lag, no host migration. Its awesome. This DLC is just adding to a great shooter.

I was a critic like most until I played the game and relized it was the best running shooter and most balanced I've played. No weapon is overpowered making it fair to most players. Even if they are brand new.

samden1823d ago

It might be a good game but a fragmented community, hardly any players, and having to pay at least an extra $30 to have what should have been there at launch is what makes it a game most people look down upon. I loved the game for the first couple of days and haven't picked it up since. DICE makes really good shooters but their biggest weakness is their lack of content at release and their fragmentation of the community. Especially at a time where many/most developers are making DLC free to prevent fragmentation. I'm hoping they don't make this mistake again with BF1.

Nathan_Hale531823d ago

Still play BF2, modded on PC. Others should buy it. It isn't hard to run at all. This game, I got bored with the Beta in 5 hours and playing it at friend's houses is a chore after an hour.