South Park: The Fractured But Whole will let you play as a girl, will change the way you're treated

South Park creator Matt Stone revealed, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, that in South Park: The Fractured But Whole players will have the choice of playing as a girl.

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Pongwater1822d ago

I know some lady gamers who will be very happy about this

Double_O_Revan1822d ago

PC Principal is happy about this.

ironcrow23861822d ago

I'm a girl gamer and tbh I'm rather indifferent...though it is nice to see more wendy this time; someone who was criminally underused in stick of truth :)

Pongwater1822d ago

Yeah some care more than others about extensive customization. I prefer being able to make whatever character I want, especially in an RPG, but it's not exactly a deal breaker if I can't. Agreed about Wendy. I loved Stick of Truth but I felt several characters got the short end of the stick, so to speak.

TricksterArrow1822d ago

In the first one it kinda made sense why you couldn't be a girl, since they had their own storyline in the game. But if this one is less about the factions and more about adventure itself, it should be funny to play through the game twice to see the differences.

opinionated1822d ago

Reminded me of the makeover part of stick of truth. So dumb lol. With PC principal in the mix it should be fantastic. I preordered just to get a copy of stick of truth on ps4. Been playing for 2 days.

OldGuyStillGaming1822d ago

Is Stick of Truth a definitive edition or something like that?

I still haven't found it on X1 .. Just says coming soon

I'll just have to get it for PS4 if it doesn't show up on X1

Niceman911822d ago

Unfortunately you have to preorder and pre-pay for The Fractured But Whole to be able to download The Stick of Truth.

opinionated1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

It's BC I believe. It's not remastered or anything. Go get a cheap 360 version. Double check that tho.

ZombieGamerMan1822d ago

I'm happy for this since I wanted to play as a girl in TSoT however are you not suppose to be playing as the same New Kid? Would be odd considering New Kid was a boy, anyway not sure if I'll role play a girl or as a cross dresser like I was in TSoT

AnotherProGamer1822d ago

Incoming Polygon article: South Park TFBW is sexist

Eidolon1822d ago

Girl characters treated differently

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