Nintendo NX Will Not Ditch Support for Physical Discs, Claims Gamestop Ceo

If a new statement is to be believed, Nintendo NX will not scrap support for physical discs.

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darthv721477d ago

Who thought they would? i mean it was rumored the NX will play WiiU discs. Got to have a drive to read em. Now one thing that NX might do is follow the trend of no longer playing from the discs that the XB1 and PS4 set forth.

Erik73571477d ago

Title is wrong, gamestop CEO just said that NX would have a physical media to it. It never says it uses discs.

fox0071477d ago (Edited 1477d ago )

I was just about to say the same thing only N4G reports news and twists it to confuse or cause a stir,they said physical media not discs,why only on N4G do I read news and it always has a little white lie...

Cartridges are rumoured the same ones in 3DS but much bigger in storage...

Walter_Official1477d ago

If they did it would be another Xbox One reveal.

rlow11477d ago

I wonder if they will use their own proprietary disks?

wonderfulmonkeyman1476d ago

After how that worked out for the GC, I sincerely doubt it.

herbs1476d ago

Hopefully it's disks and not discs. Bluray is bogus, requires moving parts forced downloads bloating harddrive and hardware. Physical media is essential but disc based is dead and is more about cheap manufacturing, 4K Bluray is the last ditch effort for the dying media.