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Sony's VR headset isn't the best, but it's damn close and nothing else matters.

Aceman182954d ago

This title is sure to bring out the disagrees lol. Personally it's not for me but for those who like it have a blast playing.

poppinslops2953d ago


Seriously though - where is No Man's Sky? Were Hello Games even at E3?
It's due out before Gamescom (which Sony might not even attend), so I'm thinking that's one PSVR announcement that's just not gonna happen... good thing it's coming to PC - modders won't need long to get it running in VR.

Which brings me to my point - basically any PC game can be made to run in VR, then there's the big AAA games like Fallout 4 and Star Citizen which will officially support the Oculus/Vive headsets... and then there's the porn.

Goldby2953d ago

They were busy securing the name of their game to deal with e3. Nms is due out in august and for all we know when psvr is released we could see trailers for vr nms. Everythibg doesnt need to be a big event to make accoucements

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UltimateMaster2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

It will be an awesome Headset to get.
It has it's own secondary processor that retro-projects the image to the Headset itself, meaning it removes that task off of the PS4 CPU so that it can concentrate itself on the game.
If games like Resident Evil VII and Final Fantasy XV can run VR on the PS4, I think it will be more than capable of handling pretty much every game your want to create.
It has an OLED screen, which will give you the best colours and the deepest black you've ever seen.
OLED has a maximum of 500nits of brightness, unlike 1000nits for standard LED, which is a good thing, because when you have a screen 1 feet from your eyes, you want it a bit less bright to put less eyestrain.
It is wireless and very comfortable, unlike the Occulus Rift, easily adjustable and it tracks it's movement from the camera.

I think this VR is prefect for someone sitting on a couch rather than playing on your 2 feet in a 360 view like the HTC Vibe does. You do have to be careful with the Vibe. You could break the cord, break other objects or hit a wall.

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kaizokuspy2953d ago

Can anyone confirm if it still plays games in a virtual projection tv like 50 ft as if it were imax? I read that it did, but haven't found anything since

jb2272953d ago

Yeah, I think there will be pros & cons for both headsets really. I don't think there's a clear "winner" in terms of quality.

Oculus & Vive may have the potential for better experiences graphically & performance wise provided the user is willing to drop upwards of $1500 to play them, but from what we know so far, huge console games like Batman Arkham VR, Star Wars X Wing, Psychonauts & RE7 will be exclusive to the PSVR so far, and that's not even factoring in the first party stuff like GT Sport, Ace Combat, Rigs & Farpoint....then there's stuff like Golem & The Journey coming from third parties possibly exclusive to the PSVR.

Seems pretty clear to me, VR is just a microcosm of the current state of gaming itself. Consoles are a bit underpowered compared to PC & less functional than a PC (mainly in terms of Porn) but consoles are also cheaper & possessive of the widest array of huge gaming experiences. PC may have sheer quantity & maybe even variety, but console gaming has always been the best place to experience gaming in its purest form, w/ the biggest games in the entirety of the medium.

As of now I think PSVR will sell the most if Sony has their production down...the controversy behind the Oculus pre order shortages kinda killed a bit of the hype for its launch. I expect PSVR to sell out, but I think all existing orders will be filled & there will be units in store at launch, if only for a short period of time. Another big plus is that while stores like Gamestop are replenishing their stock, gamers will be able to test it out in store, and I'd say a fair few will claim their unit from the next shipment right then & there. I'll be holding off myself but most likely much shorter than I initially thought I would, hearing that stuff that could've been very 'tech demo' ish like Arkham VR is actually very fun to play kinda seals the deal for me...PSVR really seems to be focusing on quality experiences w/ this thing.

Kyizen2953d ago

I'd agree with all if it wasnt for the entry cost of PC VR. For me I'd a new gpu looking at the 1070 which will be $380 then to start the occulus would be $600 thats $1000 for the low end we are talking about. Think about a Vive and 1080...now people have a PS4 you are talking $500 to get started thats half the price.

Noz2953d ago

sure, you can make any game in vr but thats like "you can make every movie in 3D", the point is some will work some not and the best experience is a game thats build from scratch for vr, so, its not that easy, biggest problem is motion sickness, the majority of games would people make sick in notime, and thats not what we want actually, we want people to enjoy vr, not to vomit and feel sick for the rest of the day!

Hairy Chewie2953d ago

@Ultimate Not quite true. All the graphical processing for the PSVR is done on the PS4. The breakout box unwraps the VR image for display on your tv and handles 3D audio and input from the headset.

But you are right about it being awesome.

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Sharky2312953d ago

You can play no mans sky through the psvr. It's first person so it's sorta already made for psvr. It would need minimal tweaking to be a full psvr game. That's just my opinion!

IamTylerDurden12953d ago

There are numerous expos before the end of the yr where Sony could announce No Man's Sky on PSVR.

I'm sure the modders will have games running flawlessly in VR...U do realize porting a game to VR involves more than just making it run, right? A game made for VR and a jailbroken game will play very differently.

Fallout 4 is not going to be on Oculus, but it will likely be on PSVR.

Resident Evil 7


GT Sport

VR Worlds


Tekken 7 and SFV


Farpoint (with the AIM controller)

Ace Combat 7

Robinson The Journey


Here They Lie (Sony Santa Monica) Bound (Sony Santa Monica)


Megaton Rainfall


Warthunder, Ark, Project Cars, Eve Valkyrie, The Assembly, Among the Sleep, Technolust

Eagle Flight

Most of those are PSVR exclusives off the top of my head. So many good games coming to PSVR i'm excited. Farpoint and Rigs look epic.

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poppinslops2952d ago

@Mixdup: Yes, they did - Todd Howard announced it at Microsoft's conference as a part of Scorpio's unveiling.

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jrshankill2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

The pic on this article is how I imagine all PS4 VR enthusiasts to look like.

Also.. seeing as RESI 7 VR was making people feel ill.. its a long way off from "crushing" anything

johndoe112112953d ago

That had nothing to do with the headset, it was the game itself.

andrewsquall2953d ago

I'd take that pic any day over this one doing the rounds with EVERY bit of Oculus related news this past year.
Durrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr rr.

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BLAKHOODe2953d ago

The horror genre isn't for everybody.

donthate2953d ago

It doesn't matter what makes you sick, the game or the headset. People is going to see it as VR is the problem, and nobody is paying $400+ for a limited set of games with questionable quality, and some games that make you sick.

I'm pro VR, but it got a long way to go. If it goes too long without catching on, it will be seen as a fad, and the hype will die. So let's hope we get a killer app soon, and not a literally killer app that kills VR.

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Damn Sony back at it again with the white VR!

Star512953d ago

Real question: when are they giving out more preorders??? It's officially summer

trooper_2953d ago

I'm know for a fact Sony makes high quality products so I wouldn't be surprised if it does well.

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Paulino302953d ago

Clearly you are new to this website if you think that titles gonna get a lot of disagrees...lol
This place is swarming with Sony fanboys.

S2Killinit2952d ago

What swarm do you belong to?

Love how people come to a sony article and complain about sony fanboys. Hmmm

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corroios2954d ago

lol, if this is the new wii,,,

Taco_Waffle2953d ago

Per n4g.com standards the Vive and Oculus will be the next Wii. PSVR will be a game changer and THE product of 2016.

DiRtY2953d ago

VR-related article; N4G comments:
PSVR will win, who has such a powerful PC to run Oculus? Almost nobody, way too niche audience to sell to.

Scorpio-related article; N4G comments:
Who needs the scorpio? Everyone can play the games in 4k and VR on PC.

CocoaBrother2954d ago

"While [Eve: Valkyrie] was only a demo and not likely indicative of launch performance, loading the demo took the PlayStation 4 nearly four minutes."
I really hope loading times aren't this long for other games. I understand that this was only a demo but a 4 minute loading screen is still brutally long, especially when people made a big deal of Bloodborne's 20-40 second loading screens.