Insomniac Games' Spider-Man Teaser was in-Engine, Running on Current PS4 Hardware

The teaser trailer of Insomniac Games’ Spider-Man looked fantastic, so good that some wondered if it was CGI, of if it was running on PS4 Neo instead of a current PS4.

Apparently, that’s not the case, as the developer itself clarified on its official Twitter account.

darthv722947d ago

The game looks slick and Insomniac does great work. They will do the wall crawler some justice.

Genuine-User2946d ago

This game was the biggest positive surpise after God of War, in my opinion.

hulk_bash19872946d ago

In my top 3 most anticipated games, behind God of War and Persona 5. Insomniac is top tier so i have all the confidence in the world they will make the best Spiderman game to date.

darthv722946d ago

It's like sunset overdrive meets infamous. I like it!

Nitrowolf22946d ago


I mean I guess???? but spiderman games have been around a lot longer. It's like a spiderman game but actually looks like it'll play good this time around

abstractel2946d ago

Seeing as how Infamous Second Son still looks fantastic and was released within a few months of the launch of the PS4, there was never any doubt in my mind that this was real-time on current PS4. I feel there are some people who are so quick to scream "Neo" now every time a good looking PS4 game is released, forgetting that they've just played Uncharted 4 (or did they?).

An example, God of War developers SSM always matched Uncharted when it came to graphics, and so did the Guerilla devs. So to see them a few years into the life cycle of the console put out these quality games does not surprise me (but it does make me want to play them NOW and on Neo for the extra framerate, IQ or whatever they choose to enhance their games with).

BattleAxe2946d ago

I wonder if their PS4 Neo dev kit counts as 'current PS4 hardware'....

MasterCornholio2946d ago


Don't get your hopes up.


Shuhei just confirmed that standard PS4 owners will be able to enjoy those amazing visuals without buying a new console.

UltraNova2946d ago


I wonder why Crackdown isnt out yet and was delayed deep in 2017. Is the cloud to blame for? Is it the xbone? and is it a Scorpio title now, you know in order to have that extra harware push?

See its easy to wonder about a lot of things. Thing is there's no doubt the OG ps4 has prooved it can run graphically demanding games like U4 + it was shown to run games like Horizon and the new Gow so wondering if Spiderman was running on it is immature to say the least.

That said, if you really need to wonder about stuff, wonder about OG xboxone's support and gane optimization once Xb1 S and scorpio are out.

Ceaser98573612946d ago


"I wonder if their PS4 Neo dev kit counts as 'current PS4 hardware'." Unlike MS e3 game demo which were running on PC, Sony's E3 game demos ran on the standard PS4... be informative dude....

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Death2946d ago

Looks awesome. Will definitely be picking this up for my PS4.

Shubhendu_Singh2946d ago

How Insomniac handled Sunset Overdrive, I think they're seriously the best contender for making a Spiderman game.

You can see how everything that they would had learned from SO would be put to better use in here.

Blaze9292946d ago

It just feels good to see Activision no where near this for once.

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andrewsquall2946d ago

2 things we already knew. ^_^

Elda2946d ago

It may be the first Spiderman game I'll play.

Shubhendu_Singh2946d ago

but you should had played Spiderman1 and Spiderman2.
They were pretty awesome for their time.

2pacalypsenow2946d ago

Spider-Man (2000) and Spider-Man 1-2 (based on the first 2 movies) are the best ones

Livecustoms2946d ago

The game looked amazing. I think i'll stick with my Ps4 for a while, the graphics still look good and if i really cared about graphics i'd be a PC gamer lol. GJ to Insomniac aswell