Red Dead Redemption – The Game Review

With rumours swirling that Rockstar will resurrect the western series, gamespulp looks back at the original. There’s an element of the truth when you hear people define Red Dead Redemption as ‘Grand Theft Horses’. On the surface, that’s precisely what the game is – a third-person open-world gun’n’ride, chock-a-block with mainline missions and side-quests. But look a little deeper and you’ll find a game much more mature and fine-tuned than any GTA that preceded it.

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Livecustoms945d ago

Urmmm.. a bit late to review this game lol...I'm pretty sure everyone knows they should get this game already.

Pl4sm4945d ago

breaking news ... red dead is a good game ? D:

CorndogBurglar944d ago

I'm not the biggest ooen world fan but this is by far my favorite. Its the only one I can really remember finishing.