Sony reveals some US Game Release dates

French Web site is reporting that the American site dedicated to PlayStation 3 has just undergone an update on certain game release dates.

Updated List of games releasing in US :

29 January : Sonic
12 February : FEAR
19 February : Virtual Fighter 5
26 February : The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
27 February : Motorstorm
06 march : Heavenly Sword
19 march : Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six® Vegas

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MicroGamer5235d ago

they may as well quit. If Motorstorm and Heavenly Sword can't sell the PS3, nothing can.

OutLaw5235d ago

Also if you go to Gamestop's site they're showing Fatal Inertia coming out February 15th.

kingboy5235d ago

That would be cool !because right now ps3 line up stings badly

Sevir045235d ago

lol! Virtua fighter, Sonic, Motorstorm heavenly sword, Fatal Inertia, what if Lair was to show up withing that time as well... omgoodness thats gonna be a fine month for ps gamers everyware and the great and patient fans of europe. now would do us great is a simultaneous release of God war 2 on disc and on PS store for download ... and the downloadable version would sport 720p HD graphics and textures, all that for feb... Sony ur doing it great, ur doing it great, ur doing it great.

Juevani5235d ago

So if M-S and H-S dont sell its the end of Sony?? right?? what happend to mgs4 and ff13, killzone,tekken6,god of war,metro2033,gt5,the getaway,lair,warhawk,r-and-c,s ingstar,buzz,ps-sports (which nintendo copied from sony) white knight, Devil May Cry 3, I mean you just made a fool outta ur self with that comment, edit it to something nice now..

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The story is too old to be commented.