E3 2016 Sea of Thieves Preview – Dive into Adventure

This E3 2016 Sea of Thieves preview will give a deeper look into what Sea of Thieves is. This game changes the perspective on multiplayer based games.

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TheSuperior 2464d ago

I love rare hate only multiplayer games. I hope theres really is an even balance for players who want to go off on their own.

no_more_heroes2464d ago

I understand not liking multiplayer games, honestly. I prefer single player myself. I do however love playing with and against my friends though, because we're all on the same page. It's uncomfortable playing with people I don't know, especially when they turn out to be annoying a$$h0les.

I can totally see myself having awesome times with my close friends in Sea of Thieves though, so I still have my eye on it.

WickedLester2464d ago (Edited 2464d ago )

To me the game seems a bit aimless. Like it might be fun for a short period of time but over the course of several hours, what's the point? Are there clear objectives or is this another one of those "Do what you want, tell your own story" copouts?

Lbolt1872464d ago (Edited 2464d ago )

adventure with your friends and treasure hunting. sort of a Pirates of the Carribean meets the Goonies. Also you get to fight krakens I think (hope). I would assume there are some pretty good hunts and quests to have in this game.

Playable_Gamez2463d ago

Man Microsoft exclusives just never get a break.

jagermaster6192463d ago

@Wicked Lester
It's funny you say it seems a bit aimless but games like no man's sky aren't? The thing is we will not know if either game is aimless. We shall just have to sit patently and hope for the best when they release.

If you think it may be boring don't buy it! It's really that simple...

WickedLester2463d ago

AND I have the same concerns for No Mans Sky. Geez some of you are so testy.

2463d ago
game4funz2463d ago

As long as it is fun to play I think it will be awesome.
Hopefully it has some of that rare humour and characteristics.