Bungie Talks Rise Of Iron And Filling Out Destiny's Story

GameInformer - Creative director Chris Barrett told us a little bit more about Destiny's upcoming expansion.

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corroios1821d ago

Raid take to much time to build. ok. So why dont you do much more strikes? or somekind of defensive mode againts hordes of enemies? The game need much more content, diferent guns and armors and so on. It not that hard.

shaun mcwayne1820d ago

Open stuff up to the hard core fans.
Let the fans make the raids and strikes for you.
Taken armour was my idea, even though I dont like it, the wheel was my idea too, and putting stripes on a zebra, without them its just a white pony.

1819d ago
Manubiggs1819d ago

Is this the video where he says you will feel nostalgia when you return to the cosmodrom ....