How Days Gone creators built the horde of zombie-like creatures in their E3 demo

"In a small group, we spoke with Bend Studios developers Ron Allen and Darren Yager."

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ScorpiusX1825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )

Could have sworn that their were things like tons of zombies on screen in DR3 and the whole reaction from Zombies when they hear you also . Must be right based on the Numbers to the far right bottom ..... lol lol

gamerswin241825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )

Lol of course a fan like you wouldn't know the difference between What Sonys first party is doing as opposed to the generic way it was done in Dead Rising. Keep fighting the good fight though because Sony and its games keep winning while your damage control doesnt work :) lol

Up next....

I dont see a difference between a game like "Dreams" and what Microsft has done with "Project Spark" (which of course they copied after LBP :))

ScorpiusX1825d ago

Generic seem to be making his way to other studios under a different Guise and yes I will keep fighting .

subtenko1825d ago

Oh, your second statement is sarcasm, for a second there I was worried

morganfell1825d ago

I love how they have changed the way in which a horde responds, making it far more deadly in it's coordinated mind.

sangoku_d1825d ago

these freakers make zombie games look cheap

OB1Biker1825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )

I like how he keeps saying 'Come on! Come on!” even at the end when all seems to be lost. Showing its all about survival in desperate situation.
Also we saw its not just about the freakers and the younger ones going stealthy and probably more different infected kind. It's also about humans conflicts and he's a bounty hunter going after other humans first and foremost.

jay21825d ago

i'll be getting this game