Crave Online: Mario Super Sluggers Reviewed

Crave Online writes: "As the playoffs slowly creep up on fans of the MLB, Nintendo is giving their own following a chance to take Mario and his cronies to the Mushroom Kingdom themed diamonds in Mario Super Sluggers. With all Nintendo sports titles there lies a delicate balance between arcade style intensity and the level of depth a more committed gamer is used to. Well, I'm here to tell you where this title falls on the scale of good or crappy and whether it's worth a purchase.

Through my experience with other Nintendo sports titles I've learned that there will always be those who love them and those who hate them. They are a toss-up brand of game and, for the most part, their sole purpose as a title is to entertain those inflicted with a generally short attention span. At the same time, however, these games can sink their hooks in deep and present a manifold of addictive gameplay features that will keep you coming back for more. Take Mario Golf for the GameCube as an example; that game forced me and two other floor-mates into my dorm room freshman year for nearly three months. We sat in those shitty chairs your mom made you buy from Target for hours on end trying to conquer the tiny intricacies of the zany themed courses. That's what these games do. They produce a unique experience that will either have you addicted or leave you wishing you had a copy of the EA Sports alternative."

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