Skyrim Special Edition: 5 reasons to get excited

Here's why Brad Richardson of KnowTechie is looking forward to Skyrim Special Edition.

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Kane221825d ago

sorry, cant get "excited" as console players have to pay full price for a 5yr old game...

Spyroo1825d ago

I'm gonna wait till this remaster discounts heavily overtime before I get it

No Way1825d ago

Exactly - terrible decision. Does it even come with all the mods available on PC or have any new missions, customization, weapons and armor or skills?

Kane221825d ago

well the consoles are suppose to get mods. but the way how Bethesda has been treating the ps4 it may have issues..

No Way1824d ago

Well, that'd make it slighlty more worth it, however it still doesn't justify a $60 price point at release for me - mainly just for better graphics.. It's nuts, lol.

InTheZoneAC1825d ago

no new animations?
any word on 30fps being locked? or is there a chance it somehow dips below?

full price for just enhanced visuals with nothing else enhanced/added is pretty disappointing

nuckfuggets1825d ago

i dont need any reason to get excited for whatever skyrim throws at me

Nero21421825d ago

He spend more time modding skyrim than playing it , cool a modder , i wonder what mods did he make ... upss no he just like instaling shit tons of mods


I'm pretty sure that when this generation of consoles released, everyone was begging for Skyrim. If you don't like it, don't buy it. If it's too expensive, wait it out. Why fuss about it at this point? We've got to wait a handful of years for the next TES to be announced, I'd rather have something to satisfy the urge until then. I'm aware it's a cash cow and the fact $60 is a horrible price point, but I'm not going cry about it... Just don't buy it.

Mr-Dude1825d ago

Still, Bethesda is beginning te behave like it's everything.. Overpriced DLC, cocky behavior towards fans on twitter etc. Lying Tod Howard (okay, he does it like for years) Now it's re-releasing Skyrim at full price, knowing full well a lot of people will buy it. It's disgusting..


But everyone is acting like they're being forced to buy something they didn't want. That's my argument.

Ickythump311825d ago

but..but what would the entitled cry baby gamers on n4g do if they can't complain about a product they dont have to buy??

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