E3 2016: Forza Horizon 3 Preview - Racing Down Under - Xbox Enthusiast

"After just a few minutes into the Forza Horizon 3 demo, I felt right at home. I was thrown into the lush Australian landscape while “Clearest Blue” from Chvrches was booming from my headset. If you’ve played a game from the Forza Horizon franchise, a spin-off of the popular Forza franchise, everything will feel very familiar. Compared to the Motorsport games, Horizon 3 allows for more improvisation and that is evident in the first race. The demo features the assist lines (they can be turned off) which tell players when and where to make a turn, but these can be ignored. What is cool about Forza Horizon 3 is that driving off-road doesn’t penalize the player. In fact, doing whatever is necessary to make it to the finish line is encouraged" -- Xbox Enthusiast.

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MagicBeanz947d ago

This games coming to PC too right?

TXIDarkAvenger947d ago

Yes. Xbox One and Windows 10.

t-hall785947d ago

Best racing series hands down. Forza 6 and Gran Turismo are great for the racing enthusiasts but Horizon is just more fun.

MagicBeanz946d ago

That's an opinion. Adding "hands down" to any statement doesn't make it a fact.

t-hall785945d ago

No shit its an opinion. Are you my editor or somethin?

MagicBeanz944d ago

Settle down kid, why are you xbox guys so angry all the time?

t-hall785944d ago

Because you PS fanboys always say obvious dumb shit. Btw I own both consoles

MagicBeanz944d ago

Who said I was a fanboy of anything, I simply pointed out saying hands down doesn't make a statement a fact and you went all bat crap crazy about it. I would have said the same thing no matter the subject, just because its gaming doesn't make me a fanboy, you need me to be a fanboy to have an argument but you dont have one. And one could easily point out calling a game the "best", "hands down", is saying some "dumb shit" too.

t-hall785944d ago

It's quite obvious this is my opinion. I don't feel that i needed to put "in my opinion" to state my opinion. But because i said an xbox racer is my favorite racer then that makes me an "xbox guy" smh. And I don't want to argue but you're trying to find something to argue about. Go argue with someone else.

MagicBeanz943d ago

Lol, its not an argument I dont care about it enough to argue with you, I simply pointed out a glaring issue with your statement that's all and you took it personal, and like it or not claiming an xbox exclusive is "hands down" the best makes you sound like an xbox guy. Maybe be more concise with your comments in the future if you dont want people to correct you, that's all, no need to be bitter about it.

t-hall785942d ago

Last comment. How can I possibly sound like a fanboy when I said this game is better than a PlayStation AND an Xbox game. How bout you read thoroughly and quit assuming that when someone says they like an exclusive, it makes hem sound lime a fanboy. Take a few days from this sensitive ass site. You're turning into "them"

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