The New "God of War" could have taken Place in Ancient Egypt | ASidCast

This year’s E3 was won by Sony, they revealed loads of new games, but there was one game which caught everyone’s attention and became the talk of the town, that game is God of War. Kratos is back with some surprises, and this time he will be kept company by his own son.

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lodossrage1818d ago

Any setting where there is ancient God lore would have been fine.

I think they went the Norse route because it was the easiest to go. The ancient Egyptian route would probably have been fairly challenging compared to either the Greek, Norse, or Roman Gods idea.

BUT, the Egyptian route would have definitely set itself apart as idea is far different from the other three.

Movefasta19931818d ago

SOny should take a chance at creating a story driven action adventure game set in egypt.

Goldby1817d ago

I think they held off egypt maybe because of AssAssin creed

Erik73571817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )

well Greek mythology was mixed with Egyptian mythology when the Roman empire conquered it...

I would think Nordic would be far different because it never touched Greek culture

ziadmessi1817d ago

as an egyptian i would have loved to see the take place at egypt

AnotherProGamer1818d ago

I think Nordic setting was the right choice, it fits with Kratos well

scark921818d ago

I prefer the Norse setting, it is much different to Ancient Greece.

Darkfist1817d ago

But Nioh is made by a japanese devs, i want a western devs making an action game with japanese mythology without all those modern day technology weapons bs, imagine kratos battling orochi or Susanoo.

1817d ago
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