NZGamer: Wolfenstein First Look

NZGamer writes: "The Wolfenstein series is about as old as FPS series get, and now the third installment in the series is coming – yes, I said the third; there were two 2D games developed by Muse software for some older systems such as the Commodore 64 before Wolfenstein 3D came along - hence they put "3D" in the title. That brings us to the sixth installment in the main series with a working title "Wolfenstein". They only just announced it last month, but being a Wolfenstein title you probably already figured out Nazis will be involved."

The Good: Wolfenstein 3D is still fun

The Bad: The huge rats in the SNES version of Wolfenstein

The Ugly: 'Next-gen-brown'

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Zerodin3752d ago

This game makes me want to touch myself.
I am touching my penis...I really am.

Qdog3752d ago

I am excited to say that it's on it's way... I hope they stick with the nostalgic feeling of the original though, I loved it for what it was...