E3 2016 - We played The Last Guardian - Lazygamer

We got some hands on time with the highly anticipated The Last Guardian at E3. Can it live up to its huge expectations?

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MagicBeanz1819d ago

"In The Last Guardian, that same action is far more complicated. Instead of pushing X, I had to push Triangle to jump,"

LOL, you've got to be kidding me. You know how you can tell when a game is going to get absolutely smeared into the ground by arm chair "game journalists"? When they start smearing the demo of the game for the dumbest reasons possible. lazygamer seems like a fitting name.

NukaCola1819d ago

Pushing Triangle to jump!? What the audacity..

Probably never played a Japanese game.

Don't people know, X was exit/back up until the PS2 generation. And O was enter and Triangle was umm Jump?

MagicBeanz1818d ago

Like I said they're already looking for excuses to hate, this game is going to get hammered so hard, its a shame, they might have been better off just letting it never get made.

SatanicEyeJesus1819d ago

Jesus Lord... Game journalists are getting... Lazy. Push triangle is really hard.