Why E3 2016 Left Me Disappointed

ThisGenGaming says, "With E3 being as hectic as it always is this year, and hours of footage being seen with many more games announced, I’ve come to the unimpressive conclusion that E3 2016 was a bit disappointing. Not to say that I enjoyed some of the conferences, mainly Microsoft and Sony, but it’s not been as spectacular as previous years has it?"

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naruga1828d ago (Edited 1828d ago )

the only things that disappointed me were the weird Crash Bandicoot news and RE7 abomination...anyhting else was good

@Crazyboom haha no absolute not . ..i speak only for the big 3 Sony/MS/Nintendo...EA,Ubisoft give always a cringe trash show i dont count them at all

crazyboom1828d ago (Edited 1828d ago )

you liked Ubisoft dance number then?

Yui_Suzumiya1828d ago

Interesting.. Resident Evil VII was my game of show :3

masterfox1828d ago

well if you are only a fan of Nintendo and MS of course well end up mighty disappointed, seriously one only showed a damn outdated Zelda the other showed an imaginary console lol.

1828d ago
jcnba281828d ago

Outdated Zelda? WTF? The salt is real!

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EazyC1828d ago

It's just so mundane and boring now. I used to genuinely get excited for what E3 would have in store. Really sad actually

FunAndGun1828d ago

I mean, what are you expecting? How was this year any different from previous years?

1828d ago
FunAndGun1828d ago again, what are you expecting to happen at E3?

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Pancit_Canton1828d ago

Maybe you should stop going to E3. Also, stop having high expectation all the time.

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