Is EA's Hunt for the 'Next Rocket League' Born Out of Regret?

EA, who are now on a run to find the next 'Rocket League', snubbed the original Rocket League much before it went onto become one of the most successful indie games

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eldingo2532d ago

that's hilarious and ironic EA a company absolutely obsessed with getting as much profit as possible snubbed one of the most popular and fun indie games of all time and now that its a hit they can only bemoan what ever asshat passed up the opportunity to have it under their belt but that's all for the best to me im pretty sure EA would have fucked it up somehow with interference.

pompombrum2532d ago

Doesn't surprise me, EA are all about maximising profit and it's what they do best..they'll never discover the next big thing because they're too busy analysing the current market and trends to think outside of the box enough so that even when the next big thing literally hits them in the face, they don't even realise.