Days Gone: Bend Studios And The Long Road Ahead

Having fallen off the grid following the release of Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Bend Studio made a surprise return at Sony’s E3 conference with an ambitious new IP, Days Gone, their first game for PlayStation 4.

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antikbaka1826d ago

maybe this title didn't make much fuss, anyway It's an absolutly new IP from not as well known company as others. But I liked what I saw

hells_supernova1826d ago

The other thing with this game is, it is zombies, big horde, open world... We get it. I don't need to know more. The game looks great I'm in

OB1Biker1826d ago (Edited 1826d ago )

Survival with bikes and it's not even zombies. Post apocalyptic more like TLOU story driven but open world with infected and non infected enemies.
Fantastic potential and I loved what I saw.

antikbaka1826d ago

@OB1Biker After Walking Dead almost no one calls Zombies - "zombies" :3

bask_in_glory1826d ago

There are quite a few factors weighing in on this one. There's the fact that Sony Bend hasn't done a proper console game since 2007. Then you need to consider the overcrowded open world survival genre it's attempting to enter, not to mention comparisons with other games in the Sony stable.

Don't get me wrong, I'm hyped. Hopefully, as the game draws closer to release, it will start to find its own sense of character amid those games it's being constantly compared to.

OB1Biker1826d ago (Edited 1826d ago )

I don't see any harm in comparing to TLOU. Just like GTA these games are a reference and many other games are seen in the same way.
On the other hand I think people comparing Days Gone to zombie shooter games make a mistake as I feel they are completely a different genre. A bit like comparing TLOU to Dead Rising IMO

Rimeskeem1826d ago (Edited 1826d ago )

I understand the whole generic open world zombie game and all but come on people. Have you ever seen gameplay like that from a zombie game. He had to navigate his way around a building while putting things in the zombies path and kill them all. I have never seen a game do that, EVER.

Also, hasn't the game been in development for 5 years or so. How was Bend supposed to know not to make this type of game. Either way, looks highly polished already and like the idea of doing what was in the demo but in the dark ;).

Hk85karlsson1826d ago

Yup, since 2011 I think. So they should be pretty far right now, right?
In one of the interviews, Sony Bend dude said they were going to make a game exclusively for the PS4. 5 years with 80-100 employees+Sony's vast number of studios to help out.

Sunny_D1826d ago

The game looked intense and promising. If it has the gameplay to match the number of zombies then I think this could turn out to be a really good title. But, keeping expectations low.

Roronoa04111826d ago

Looks great so far! can't wait to see more of the environments and different types of freakers.

danny8181826d ago

Ucharted GA was great. Im sure they will execute.