GamingTrend Hands-On with Fable II

GamingTrend writes: "The first Fable title was proceeded by more hype than I'd seen attached to any title prior or since besides the much-maligned Daikatana. Lionhead frontman Peter Molyneux stated that he wanted Fable to be the best Role Playing Game of all time. He talked at length about the power of choice, the balance of good and evil, and how the world around you would change and grow based on your very whims. You'd be able to plant an acorn and watch the resulting tree grow through the course of your life – nature's measuring stick to your progress. The final product was a little less than the ambitious plans that Molyneux had in mind.

The original Xbox and PC specifications at the time were simply not powerful enough to achieve his lofty goals. What we ended up getting was a hack and slash RPG-lite with little in the way of real choice, but still a fun game regardless. Almost immediately after production of the Lost Chapters expansion, work began on Fable II. Remaining below the radar, Fable II was seen only last year as a short CGI trailer. Amazingly, and just months before release, I've gotten to play the game. Peter Molyneux wants me to believe in unconditional love, courtesy of a video game. This man has delivered most of the God Game titles that shaped my childhood love of gaming – surely he can pull it off, right?"

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