E3 2016: God of War Wants to Humanize Kratos | Hardcore Gamer

As many now know, the upcoming God of War game features a very different Kratos from the one fans are used to. Gone are the Blades of Chaos, over-the-top combo-heavy combat, linear levels, and relative fast pace. Instead, Sony Santa Monica seeks to make a more human, more believable Kratos. As a result, this new God of War tonally and thematically differs from its predecessors, having been designed by asking such questions as, “In what ways do we behave differently in front of our children? And how do we react to seeing ourselves in our children?” In an extended presentation of the new God of War, a few things were made explicitly clear: this is not a reboot, this is the same Kratos as before and he now plays an active role as father figure and teacher.

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