Scalebound's Middling Reception Suggests Platinum Has Work to do Before 2017

Platinum's Xbox One exclusive lands with a dull thud at E3 2016.

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The game is going to flop really hard when it releases and then the director will come out and complain how the game was handled. The game looks really mediocre. Dubstep with dragons really???

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CrimsonWing691825d ago

I don't think mediocre is the word to describe this. Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't see many open-world Action/RPG dubstep dragon games. I see Platinum style all over this game. I do get your disinterest in it as I'm sure there's games your interested in that I wouldn't give the time of day. However, mediocre...compared to what? I get a bit of a Lost Planet 2 vibe from what was shown and the whole Co-Op aspect is a great feature.

If it truly is an open world Action/RPG I feel this won't be just a mediocre dubstep dragon game that your 9 year old nephew could think of.

zeuanimals1825d ago

I don't see much of Platinum Games in it, strangely. When I think Platinum Games, I think over the top action that plays well and looks chaotic. Scalebound is a lot more tame in this regard and it looks to play a lot rougher than other Platinum games.

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Filmicfps1825d ago

Scalebound looked good to me :/

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Dude I'm with you, it looks good to me. I really can't see where it looks average to me. If there's average looking games on this level please tell me what they are so I can check them out.

TXIDarkAvenger1825d ago

Yeah looked good to me. 4 player co-op killing giant monsters, kind of reminded of Lost Planet 2. Personally not a fan of the main character though.

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WelkinCole1825d ago

That showing was cringe worthy. So much going on but the gameplay really looked bland.

_-EDMIX-_1825d ago

Agreed. Also whats with this "Platinum's Xbox One exclusive" ??

This game is confirmed to be also coming to PC.

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