Batman Arkham for PS VR is as impressive as you'd hope - Digital Spy

Final Fantasy 15? Not so much.

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gamerswin242925d ago

Sounds very promising. I really cannot wait to feel like im in the batcave, sounds cool.

demonddel2925d ago

I love how Sony gets some beautiful articles on here and Microsoft gets hate Microsoft must have mess over a lot of people in the past or something I don't know

killer_goat2925d ago

There is nothing worth writing about. A slim console is nothing new, no new ip's and games, also no one knows anything about Scorpio.

demonddel2925d ago

Ok you made a lot of sense to me


The Humble WB Batman Collection Bundle packs eight games for just $10

Humble Bundle has just released its new bundle that brings together eight popular Batman games. With every purchase of this bundle, you will be supporting the charity of your choice.

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Garethvk935d ago

I wonder how many already have them.

gamefreaks365935d ago

Yeah, that's a good point. Still, if anyone missed out on them, this is a great deal.

Jeriphro935d ago

Wow. That is so cheap, but I know I personally already have all the games in the list. haha. I guess I should have waited.


To Celebrate Batman Day, Devs Release Batman Arkham Concept Art & Discuss Playtesting

To celebrate Batman Day, Rocksteady Studios has released loads of concept art and even behind-the-scenes devevelopment info about the Arkham franchise.

gamer78041373d ago

OR, release an enhanced version of arkham knight, looks terrible on 4k tvs

RaidenBlack1373d ago

OR, ask WB Montreal to Remaster Arkham Origins.
Its underrated and really neglected.


Batman: Arkham VR's Focus on Immersion Helps it Soar Past Iron Man VR

While Batman: Arkham VR and Iron Man VR may not be seen as direct competitors outside of those who strongly prefer DC or Marvel, the ways in which each PSVR title attempts to encapsulate the experience of playing as their titular hero are truly unique and worth exploring in-depth now that both games are available in their entirety.

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dan3231449d ago

Arkham VR was overpriced garbage. Not even comparable to the superb Ironman VR. Clickbait.

LiViNgLeGaCY1449d ago

Lmfao, what? I've played both, and Iron Man VR is so far and above better, it's not even close.

AK911448d ago

I played and actually enjoyed Batman Arkham VR but it was still not worth the price it charged it felt more like an Alpha concept as opposed to an actual VR game.

stefd751448d ago

Iron Man VR is a fun game, Batman VR was just boring, the only good think about it was I could stare at Harley Quinn's boobs in VR