Can Microsoft's "monster" next-gen console truly run games at 4K and 60fps?

Although both Sony and Nintendo have confirmed new consoles in development, neither of the two were present or talked about at this year’s E3. Surprisingly, it was actually Microsoft who ended their E3 2016 media briefing with a huge new console announcement that shocked us all.

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Kingthrash3601827d ago (Edited 1826d ago )

It's not a console.
It's a pc. MS has pulled out of the console game.
Before yall get to saying I'm trolling just know I'm not. It's reality. The scorpio will compete with pc....they share the same games. Play on the same network. ...all the Xbox is now is a way for ms to get more win 10 sales.
All you guys getting ready to play pc guys on the same network should invest in a key&mouse and get used to it or get owned.
All scorpio games will be better on pc. It has no exclusives now it's powerful and that's nice. ...but pc has always been powerful and will always be more powerful. There is just no reason to compare them. The Xboxs main competition is pc. That's just fact.
And it will run games at 4k....but not at 60 frames. Some of the best rigs out there have problems running 4k. The scorpio would cost like 700+ to run 4k at 60..

Below....I don't think you realize how it works...ok let's say the card is 350 alone....ok how much for processer? Ram? Design? Bluray drive? Controller? Production cost...then the extra for profit
They have to make a profit on this stuff. Then there's the upgrades every 3 years god know how much it will be...
But whatever yall just gunna flip and spin.
Ms can do no wrong...can't wait until they say how much this thing will be. Lol enjoy

Erik73571827d ago (Edited 1827d ago )

I agree, it would be stupid if it wasn't a PC running windows 10.If it did run games at 4k 30fps games I would seriously expect it to be like $1000 dollars!Like it's one thing to claim 4k but 4k at 60fps but this would be EVEN MORE expensive if true, much more than $1000!! If it wants to run good looking up to date games at 4k/30fps it will sell for $1000 dollars.

Like a gtx980 (not founders edition) will cost 600 dollars and can potentially run games at 4k well on highest settings at stable 30fps. Microsoft could probably get a gpu set up by amd with that performance for $500 dollars by 2017 fall (year and a half from now) but THATS JUST THE GPU LOL. You also have a 8 core cpu that would probably cost them $200 atleast, so $700 dollars right there! Then the ram which would cost $60 dollars, next the storage which would cost like $100 at best case scenario for a 2 terabyte hybrid drive by 2017 second quarter, then the motherboard which idk what console motherboards would cost but that combined with the sound card would cost atleast $75 , then the fans and casing and everything else I forgot for manufacturing could be $45 dollars (Im setting good prices for this so best case scenario here)

So it would cost $970 dollars to make a 4k console that could run good looking up to date games at 30fps and will sell for $1000. IF anyone wants to add to this with estimating the cost please do! Maybe $900 (This is best case scenario don't expect that price) if they can cut deals I guess, supposidly they get gpus as cheap as possible but then they would literately only make like $1-$5 dollars on each unit which is terrible lol. Sony makes like a solid $50 dollars or around that for each ps4 they sell.

$900 (Probably will be a $1000) would be pretty damn good price for something that can run 4k up to date games at stable 30fps and even if $1000 dollars thats still a competitive price, but it would still suck compared to pc if its a console because of its limitations and if you could get all xbox software/games/community on pc its kinda silly to buy this "super xbox one".

Erik73571827d ago (Edited 1827d ago )

LOl at fanboys on this site...

Kingthrash3601826d ago

One of the points of console gaming is the price...

1826d ago
kickerz1826d ago

Guys they most likely will use AMD graphics which is alot cheaper then Nvidia. So please stop saying it will be at least $1000

darthv721826d ago

Do you both seriouly think MS is shopping for parts at newegg or something? You guys are laying out retail when MS gets their parts wholesale. And in a years time the parts will be cheaper.

Im calling it right now that Scorpio will be no more than $599 at the high but leaning to the $499 range. They would take a hit on hardware to make the $$ back on software. It's how it's usually been done.

ShadowKnight1826d ago (Edited 1826d ago )

I agree it will be expensive. I still think it will be $499.00 to $599.00 which is still to much IMO

Omnislashver361826d ago (Edited 1826d ago )

6 TFLOPS is not 4K gaming, atleast by M$ math

Halo 5 runs 900p-1080p graphics not as good as PS4 even
So with 4.5x the power how could
Halo 6 run 4K and improve graphics beyond PS4 level

It doesn't add up. You'd be with the same exact graphics or less, and still not hit 4K the entire time, what's the point? They'll likely stay at 1080p and improve graphics beyond belief and market it as '4K' and dumbass consumers not knowing the difference. 1080p is a perfect 1:4 scale to 4K, they'll likely not miss a chance to do better graphics at 1080p getting 'more for less', not to mention feasible.

Games that are a solid 1080p on XB1 may get a 4K mode, like Scalebound or Recore, but you can bet their lookers are going to be 1080p and 60fps. I'm not even a huge fan of 60fps but it looks to be the next big thing. Graphics/fps are going to subversively be marketed off as 4K and customers won't know the difference.

Edit- disagrees, ha, wait until PS5-gen for 4K. Still 3-4 years off.

conanlifts1826d ago (Edited 1826d ago )

What are you taking about. You realise the 1070 outperforms the 980 and is being released this year for $379. This is a 6.5tflop gpu. So by 2017 it will be cheaper. In addition $379 is the consumer price, ms will not be charged a fraction of this for a similiar card. In addition amd cards are also cheaper than nvidia cards (radeon 480 runs around 5tflops for a $199 consumer price) .Most likely it will drop in at around 499-$599 when released. Not 1k as you mention.
If this new console works i predict in 3 years time a new xbox bring released. The scorpio will then be the base model and the next model the premium.

starchild1826d ago

Microsoft hasn't announced a price, but if we're going to make wild guesses we should at least be realistic. All these $600 to $1,000 figures are pure fantasy and have no basis in the facts.

Right now the GTX 1070 can maintain over 30fps at 4k resolution in the majority of games. That is a 6.5 TFLOP card. AMD is also about to release the RX 480, which is a 5.5 TFLOP card that retails for $199 for the 4gb version. Although it's true that TFLOPS aren't everything and aren't directly comparable between different architectures, it's still easy to see that by the end of 2017 it should be easy for Microsoft to release a 6 TFLOP console capable of 4k/30fps for a price of around $400.

Considering a PC with a 6.5 TFLOP card can maintain above 30fps at 4k in the vast majority of games (and at higher settings than the console versions) it should be no problem for a console with a 6 TFLOP GPU to do 4k resolution at 30fps, given the more efficient and less abstracted nature of game software running on fixed console hardware.

As for the price, we have to consider that if a 5.5 TFLOP card today is selling to consumers for only $199 it is conceivable that a 6 TFLOP GPU in a year in a half may cost only $130. And that's consumer pricing. Microsoft would obviously be buying millions of these from AMD and would likely get them for nearly half that. So something like $70 for the GPU. And if they're still going to be using a SoC design there's savings involved there too.

I don't see any problem at all with them being able to release the Xbox Scorpio for a price similar to what the PS4 and XB1 launched at.

sinspirit1826d ago (Edited 1826d ago )

Sorry, that math is terrible.

We have $200 AMD cards coming that have 5Tflops in just a few days. By late next year we will have even better for the same. I don't know how much all the other parts cost but since they are using mostly the same hardware with slight upgrades which could add a 6Tflop card, even at retail cost, and make profit at the $500 price point. Maybe at the $400-$450 considering that they wouldn't be paying retail cost for the GPU in bulk. But, factor in that I said "card". I don't know how the heck they are going to have a 6TFlop GPU chip on the same di as the CPU but that's basically what they've said. Sounds like they've announced specs that are exaggerated or rely on AMD's expected hardware that have not come to fruition quite yet. Maybe the smaller nanometers are just that much smaller and I just haven't realized it.

And, geez. No one cares about your 4k arguments, guys. With that much GPU power we will have some astounding 4K games with about the same graphics as we have from our best games right now. But, everyone keeps forgetting that if they properly optimize that they can do 4K much better than equivalent PC hardware. But, the point is that this much power CAN actually do 4K gaming at 30 and even 60fps in certain games if optimized correctly. But, what if I told you guys something secret.. 1080p is still great looking and the difference in 4K on a TV is not so important to merit downgrading other graphical details. I want all the current powerhouse games at full 60fps, looking even better, at 1080p with AA, anisotropic filtering(I love long and view distances with clear detail), and maybe with VR support rather than 4K. 4K is just a statement of it's capability. It's not the most important factor but just a nice luxury at the moment that some games will reach without sacrificing good visuals.

freshslicepizza1826d ago

hmmm, so it was ok for sony to charge $599 for a super computer but project scorpio is not allowed to be released ALONGSIDE the xbox one and xbox one s? it's embarassing to see the same people talk so much about a product they have no intentions of ever supporting. constantly trying to downplay it because they are now going to be pc gamers and let the world know that the best thing to do is buy a ps4 and a 4k gaming computer instead just to keep the agenda of the xbox brand is irrelevant now.

Bigpappy1826d ago (Edited 1826d ago )

When you set out to build a monster, you build a darn MONSTER. Can't compromise to meet a price point. You end up with a wolf when you really wanted a Lion.

I want them to build the monster. If it really is a Monster, I am willing to pay more than you think. But it would be nice if M$ tanks an upfront hit to let us trade in the X1 for a nice savings. But I can afford a $1000 Monster. You are free to call it whatever you want. As long as it plays all my Xbox games and has all the Xbox features, I am ready for that leaves of power.

1826d ago
Zeref1826d ago

you need to look at AMD cards for price comparisons. NVIDIA cards are known to be expensive.

_-EDMIX-_1826d ago

@sd11 and Starchild 100% agree.

Great points, good reads.

pyroxxx1826d ago

@moldybread ,.. They are allowed,.. but they will fail even harder than PS3 did at the beginning,.. PS3 actually had brand recognition and later on when they lowered price, had quality games ,.. managed to catch up and surpass 360,.. and took them 7-8 years for a 8.5 mil lead.

IceKoldKilla1826d ago (Edited 1826d ago )

Uuuh. You don't know anything about how companies buy hardware and build products, huh? You are talking about consumer prices. Microsoft isn't going to their local hardware store to buy hardware to build Scorpio. They make a deal with the manufacturers and get a shit ton of shipment for a reduced price.

game4funz1826d ago

Actually no. New cards on the way.

cyclindk1826d ago (Edited 1826d ago )

Microsoft will not be paying anywhere near the "off-the-shelf" price for any of those components. Just readjust all your numbers to take this into account. Slash at LEAST half off all those numbers I'd say, if not more, if you want to make a decent guestimated/extrapolation here.

Please actually do this in your reply, I'd like to see what it comes out to as I think your general choices for achieving the visual results would probably hold true. Just re-crunch the numbers.

I've seen that GTX980 on the shelf for 450.00, so maybe Micro pays 175 or 200 max if they cut a deal for mass inclusion in their boxes? Same goes for every other piece of hardware inside the shell.

darthv721826d ago

@pyroxx... ps3 at $599 failed because its games were no better than 360 at half the price. Sony said the high price was because of bluray.

No matter how many cuts they made to the system... the games still were no better than the cheaper 360. And funny thing is this is two generations in a row where MS is adding features and keeping the price competitive. Dont know anything about scorpio but it seems like it would be worth the $599 unlike the ps3 no matter how you spin it.

DDMNeo1826d ago

I think the thing you might be forgetting is that the prices you're providing are consumer prices. Microsoft will not be paying those prices. I can't tell you the exact price it costs to make each GPU in a factory, but I can assure you it's under $100. This is because the cost of all the parts (and Chinese labor) is not that much on a bulk scale, Microsoft will be probably paying a little more than that for each. The reason we pay that much on our end is for a few reasons. Transportation being a big part, but it's also R&D, marketing, and because (as most PC gamers know) the GPU companies licence out their tech to be made by other companies (such as MSI and EVGA). However Microsoft pays just for the units (because the don't licence the brand).

kamisama1826d ago

I just built a 4k gaming rig in December it cost me $1700 so this guy is being optimitistic . I have a 980ti zotac ampd extreme, i7 6700k, 16g ram, Asus sabertooth s motherboard, Samsung ssd 500g etc...

UltimateMaster1826d ago

Monster PCs can't run games in 4k 60fps on a single GPU.
If they can't, Xbox One Scorpio can't. 30fps is likely.

darthv721826d ago

@ultimate master... 4k games @ 60fps on a single GPU... sure they can. It just depends on how much graphical fidelity there is going on in that game. And who said anything about the scorpio being just a single GPU?

Pure speculation but what if the system has an expansion slot and therefore you could literally add in a 2nd gpu to improve the performance? Phil did say not to long ago about making the console expandable not simply replaceable.

Dabigsiebowski1826d ago

The only way it would be a PC is if it could run steam as well. Soon as that happens then I'd agree.

UltimateMaster1825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )

Again, you have just acknowledge my point. You can't have games to run in 4k 60fps at max settings.
You have to lower the settings and that is just taking a step backwards as car as gaming is conserned.
Benchmarks of the 10Tflops 1080 GPU shows around 53 fps. Again, this is 10Tflops people, not 6.
Go do your homework before misleading people into believing unproven facts.

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DARK_WOLF1827d ago

No the xbox is a games console/pc hybrid. This will be more apparent when the windows store is merged and we have kb n mouse support.

Xbox has evolved so much its got pc elitests and fanboys saying its better to just get pc cuz pc is best. But they stil hapily say get a ps4...

This is a compliment. Xbox consoles are the best of both worlds. So much better than a mere console its nipping at pc heels.

Xbox is the ultimate console and ppl trying to downplay it is sad. Just enjoy the new tech and be happy. Quit hating man this stuff is suppose to be exciting and fun.

Erik73571827d ago (Edited 1827d ago )

Wow holy crap cause window store is used by pc gamers lol, no it fu*king sucks. IF it has windows 10 its a pc with xbox software forced on to and installed by default on it end of discussion.

The ultimate console ( coming from someone who sold there xbox , has a gaming pc, and a ps4) is ps4 to me because it actually has games you cant get on pc and actually means something to me. Xbox means nothing to me and any gamer who has a gaming PC. Even then even if its games weren't on PC I would still take ps4 > Xbox any day because its exclusives to me are overall better, after all no xbox one game has a higher meteoritic than Uncharted 4. God of war 4, last guardian, and last of us 2 will probably add to that list of higher rated games than xbox games.

Spiderman also , while not a master piece looking game, looks pretty damn solid.

Erik73571827d ago (Edited 1827d ago )

Wouldn't pc be the best of both worlds how would xbox be the best of both worlds over my gaming pc with all its games that will run and look better on it?

DARK_WOLF1827d ago

Wow u like ps4 over xbox. Good for you.

I much prefer xbox as my gaming hardware but i still like ps for its games.

If u dont like xbox why are u talking down on it? Whats ur goal? To make people who like it feel bad or something?

Get this. PC is NOT a console. This is where xbox comes in. Ms want the best of both worlds for the living room gamer.

And if ur so big on ur pc why wouldnt u want an xbox? Its the perfect companion for a pc. Xbox exclusives are one purchase and u can play on both pc and console. Whichever room or device u want.

Ms give ppl choice and ppl hate on them for it?

Some ppl need to get of the negativity train for real.

Ppl bash xbox for being slightly less powrrd than ps4. Now xbox is literally destroying ps with powrr with the scorpio and suddenly it doesnt matter and ps4 is still better.


Erik73571827d ago (Edited 1827d ago )

I get pc is not a console, just telling you xbox is not the best of both worlds (which I assume your talking about pc gaming and xbox gaming and if it was something else please tell me) when pc now is the best of two worlds with every xbox title coming to it lol...

I don't hate it im just giving you my opinion and explaining why, sorry if your super butt hurt and don't like being called out on your fanboyism.

LOL I will never want a xbox again cause I can play it all on my pc and I can just stream it to my living room tv with steam box... you get the console experience with pc for less than $100 dollars instead of paying $300 for a xbox.

I'm not hating ms for giving me the option, in fact I love them for announcing halo 6 for pc, i'm just telling you pc is better sorry. Its obvious that you cant handle that and your a fanboy to a corporation. It shows...

DARK_WOLF1827d ago

Dude ur pathetic. From where im sitting it looks like u cant handle the reality that a lot of people like xbox so ur shoving your preference for pc in our faces trying to convince us ur fav gaming hardware is better.

Guess what. I prefer xbox. Get over it and stop being a downer

Dabigkahuna761826d ago

I agree they panicking coming for blood

BellePelouse1826d ago

It's fine that you prefer xbox, but if you don't want people to argue about it dont comment about it lol. Btw your argumentation is weak, how can the xbox be the better of the two worlds when you get less games and power for more money invested? And how does an xbox acts like a pc???
I have a ps4 because of the greats games on it and I will never buy an xbox because it's exclusive are coming out on pc, wich I already have pluged on my projectors and have all differents sorts of controller that I can connect to it, including Xbox and Ps4...

Kiwi661826d ago

@Belle did you miss what this article is about , heres a clue it isn't about ps and as its about xbox scorpio @DarkWolf was talkng about xbox scorpio in an xbox article and you tell him not to talk about it wtf

starchild1826d ago


Ok, Fries, let's take your scenario out to its logical conclusion. Everybody hates Xbox, right? Nobody wants to get an XB1 or Scorpio now because they can just get a PC instead.

Ok, so let's say that's true and every gamer gets a gaming PC powerful enough to run games like Quantum Break and Gears of War 4 at a respectable level. Well, obviously we're all going to start playing all our multiplats on PC too, since they look and run better, have full mod support, more options, etc. And nobody can use the "I'm just going to play on my console anyway because that's where my friends are" excuse, because, remember, we all have gaming PCs now.

So this would result in the PC being used for all multiplats, all PC exclusives and all Xbox/Microsoft exclusives. Gamers would be spending 90% or more of their time on PC, the PS4 would get played maybe 10% of the time, and nobody would play on Xbox.

Now, the "nobody would play on Xbox" part might sound really good to anti-Xbox people, but realize that the PS4 would be in dire straits too and would not be able to survive as a functioning business model.

Do you really think anything like this will happen? I sure don't. I think many of us with PCs may not get an Xbox (although the play anywhere deal will probably lead to some PC gamers getting an Xbox as a secondary gaming device for another room), but I also think the majority of people who previously preferred gaming on console will continue to prefer gaming on console.

You may get a certain percentage of former console gamers deciding to jump into PC gaming (remember, though, that also has negative consequences for Sony), but in Microsoft's case I think that will be offset by the positive ways it can benefit them, such as reaching a much wider market with their games, more people buying their games resulting in more money being invested in future exclusives, etc.

And as much as I would love to see PC gaming grow to such a huge degree, I have to admit that I do see the Neo and Scorpio encouraging a certain number of people to stick with consoles who would otherwise have gone to or stayed on PC. Being able to have a relatively higher end experience on consoles will certainly have this effect.

All in all, though, I think these developments are good for gamers in general. I see some of these changes resulting in more people going to PC, while other developments will likely lead to more of other people staying on consoles. Overall I think it's basically a wash. Gaming is in a healthy place. There's room for all these platforms. Some will choose consoles, some will choose PC, some will choose both, but I expect that they will all remain healthy and viable platforms.

BattleAxe1826d ago (Edited 1826d ago )

@ Fries

Who cares if there are a few PS4 exclusive games that I can't buy if I don't own a PS4. I don't purchase 50 games per year, and either do most normal people. PlayStation has done a great job of bringing tons of indie games over to their platform to inflate their game catalogue, which they then use for marketing, but they don't have a disproportionate amount of AAA big budget exclusive games over Xbox One.

The point is, that many people like the Xbox ecosystem better, and aside from Microsoft's exclusive games, of which there are plenty for me, every major 3rd party multi-platform game is available on Xbox. Between Gears, Halo, Battlefield, Mass Effect, Call of Duty, Ghost Recon and on and on, I have more games than I have time. This is the reality of your average working person.

On top of that, who cares if you can buy certain console exclusive Xbox games on PC. If you have a PC to play those games, then that's great for you. I personally love Microsoft's Play Anywhere program, which gives people more value for their money, receiving the PC version along with the console version of a game for the same amount of money.

People will buy an Xbox if they want the streamlined livingroom experience. I'm a PC gamer, but I go through phases where I prefer relaxing on my couch in the livingroom, and sometimes I'm really itching for the mouse and keyboard experience on my desk. It's called choice, and if I'm going to invest money into a digital games library, I prefer go with the best overall ecosystem, and I appreciate a company that understands the value of backwards compatibility, and of course in this case, I'm talking about Xbox.

1826d ago
Erik73571826d ago (Edited 1826d ago )

"Dude your pathetic"

Oh wow cause Im talking trash about your little console and your butt hurt? I'm fine with people liking xbox i'm just telling you it sucks lol...its not depressing information it actually makes me happy

JackBNimble1826d ago

I am sure true hard core pc gamers want nothing to do with xbox or windows 10. I'll stick with windows 7 and steam .

turdburgler10801826d ago

Honestly since it's showing at e3 Sony fans have been running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Any excuse they can use to downplay the scorpio. It's just a PC. It won't really run 4k 60fps. It won't have exclusives. It will be $1000. The list just keeps going. All the while they know from leaks that the Neo will be weaker.

kamisama1826d ago (Edited 1826d ago )

I'm sorry are you delusional there's no way it's nipping at pcs heals when no one in there right mind would purchase it when pcs will make it obsolete out the gate hahaha... this is hilarious Xbox fan boys are really nuts p.s. pc players hate the fact that Windows hides there games behind there store and Windows 10.

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Gazondaily1827d ago (Edited 1827d ago )

What a load of complete bull.

Scorpio is a pc and Neo is what? Just because the rumoured specs of the Neo are much weaker we're getting this preemptive damage control trying to distinguish the Scorpio in a different way.

They are both doing similar things except for the fact that the Scorpio's specs are beastly. Simple as.

I'm seeing SO much laughable damage control by stating that Xbox is out of the console race? What is the Xbox One then? Just because games are available on PC make the consoles less of a console? BS.

The fact of the matter is this; the Scorpio's beastly specs will most likely make it the most powerful console in the arena. It is doing exactly what Neo is doing albeit being able to stand a better chance of running 4K based on Neo's rumored specs.

Deltaguy1826d ago

nah the ps4.5 is a slightly beefed up ps4..the xbox sco is pretty much a whole new yea the power difference is humongous...but then again the ps4.5 isnt being marketed to be a nxt gen console.they way they announced scorpio made it seem like its a nxt gen console.. Neo will still run games 1080/60 so it's really not a big deal

starchild1826d ago (Edited 1826d ago )


Neither the Neo nor the Scorpio are being marketed as next gen consoles. If you actually listen to what is being said Scorpio is no more a next gen console than Neo is. They are both mid-gen upgrades that allow you to play higher fidelity versions of the same games the XB1 and PS4 play.

Microsoft execs have said there will be no exclusives for Scorpio. It is really just a high end version of the XB1 meant for 4k resolution and/or other graphical or performance enhancements. It's really no different than the Neo in that regard.

What defines a next-gen console is that it plays new games that can't be played on the previous generation console. That, more than anything else, is what defines a new generation. Microsoft has been pretty clear that the Scorpio is in the same Xbox One family as the Xbox One S and the original Xbox One. They will all play the same exact games. This is what Microsoft is referring to in their "nobody left behind" comments.

When a new generation console arrives there may be some cross gen games that run on both the new and old hardware, but the majority of games on the new console are not available on the older console. And even the cross-gen games are in fact separate pieces of software. You can't pop the PS4 version of Battlefield 4 in your PS3 and expect it to play, for example. These are the things that define a new console generation.

The Neo and Scorpio clearly do not represent a new console generation because they do not offer new games not available on the PS4 and XB1. They play the exact same games as the base consoles. You can pop your PS4 copy of Uncharted 4 in your Neo and it will play (assuming it gets updated to do so). Likewise, you will be able to play your copy of Halo 6 on an XB1 or Scorpio, since it's the same software. It's similar to how a GTX 960 and a GTX 1080 both play the same software, but at very different levels of graphical quality and performance.

jcnba281826d ago

I think the sony fanboys are just trying to get the damage control ready in case NEO isn't as powerful as Scorpio.

jb2271826d ago (Edited 1826d ago )

"They are both doing similar things except for the fact that the Scorpio's specs are beastly"

Do we actually have even rumored access to Scorpio's specs? From what I've seen, the only number we know is 6 tflops & some hints at the we know the CPU/GPU/RAM, anything aside from 6 tflops?

It'll be interesting to see how much performance difference those extra flops actually result in, it's ultimately down to the devs creating for them.

Either way, I'll be more interested in seeing official word released from these companies. It ain't ever as cut & dry as rumored specs & nebulous conjecture

Just show me some games, that's all I care about. Beastly hardware is just a glorified Apple TV until I can see a game played on it.

Also @ starchild

Shannon first said that they will leave it up to the devs whether they will be Scorpio exclusive, then Spencer came out & backtracked, but not necessarily meaning what people think. It's true that he said there would never be a "Scorpio exclusive", but he also never plainly stated whether the Xbox One or S would be left out.

If a game is only on PC & Scorpio, it still technically isn't a "Scorpio exclusive" even if it doesn't appear on the XBO or XBO S. I think if these upgrades last lot enough, there will absolutely be exclusives for them if not in practice than in practicality. Seems to me Shannon just accidentally spoke the truth & Spencer walked it back in the way he always has, using semantics to insinuate one thing while leaving the door open for another entirely.

Also, has anyone confirmed whether or not the PS4 disc or XBO disc would run in the new boxes? Digital is one thing, but if these boxes have new UHD Blu Ray players in them, doesn't it stand to reason that their games will be printed in that format? I have no idea & that may be a stupid statement, but from what I understand, UHD discs can't be played in standard BD drives?

FGHFGHFGH1825d ago

Scorpio is probably using some form of AMD's polaris 10 gpu.It will probably share some games with xbox one after it launches but when the install base is large enough, it will have games not available on xbox one, since it's up to the developer. So yeah, it's their next gen console. Microsoft knows the xbox one is a lost cause, I think they're even losing to ps4 is the US. Which is why they put all of their games on win10 now, but before they would ignore the pc.

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BossBattle1826d ago (Edited 1826d ago )

Phil said the Xbox One will have exclusives not coming to pc. "If" a game just happens to release on both PC and X1 then buy the X1 version and get the PC version free. Also some games may release on X1 first and you'll have to wait months or over a year for the PC version. The Scorpio is not a pc because it can't run my programs like Pro Tools 12, Adobe Premiere, or thousands of others. You can't hook it to a printer, external blue ray burner, or midi interface. It can't do 80% of what a pc can do. And today we can't predict the price of a console releasing over a year from now. If a Scorpio is a pc then we shouldn't see game resolution/frames comparisons between Scorpio and Neo. But we will and we already know the Scorpio will look better. Everything you said is trolling and BS.

kamisama1826d ago

Did you check out your ms conference every exclusive you have is coming to pc.

BossBattle1826d ago

I saw a video where Phil said "Xbox One will have it's own exclusives" when told by the interviewer that people are claiming they can just buy a pc to play X1 games. He will clarify eventually.

hangdang1826d ago

Sorry, but it's no more of a PC than PS4 or the current Xbox One. Sharing a library doesn't make it a PC. It's not modular, you can't upgrade it, among other things

ChrisW1826d ago


"The Xboxs main competition is pc."

No. The last couple consoles have always been a generation or two behind the PC when it comes to graphics and power. There's just no competition if MS plans to keep Scorpio under $1,500*

*referring to Ultra-High-End cards.

BattleAxe1826d ago

It won't be a PC, it's going to be a console with the user interface that Xbox One has now. The games themselves with be in the unified windows store, but will be Xbox Scorpio/Xbox One games. They've already confirmed that you'll carry your Xbox One games collection with you onto Scorpio, so that nobody gets left behind when they upgrade to the new hardware. Instead of being stupid, go onto youtube and watch some interviews with Phil Spencer.

DJustinUNCHAIND1826d ago

@battleaxe, that would require them not being stupid.

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Zeref1826d ago

Why is it a PC? because it has 6tflops? Because we can play with PC gamers? I don't get it...

Also devs can make it so you choose if you want to play against KBM users or not. I swear sometimes its like you guys are deliberately ignorant. You guys make up the worse excuses just because it will be more powerful than the PS4. Xbox is not competing with PC. It WAS competing with PC, which Microsoft finally realized that is silly because PC is a Microsoft platform. So instead of competing they joined the two communities together. And now they'll make more money than ever with their exclusives.

Also id gladly pay $700 for a superpowered console that can do 4k 60fps and top of the line VR experience since its still cheaper than building a PC equivalent.

lastking951826d ago

Lol you know its a monster when the other camp says its comp is pc. Other consoles cant compete, it a monster! XD.

JackBNimble1826d ago

A monster ... lol ... , Scorpio is going to need more the 6tflops if it truely plans to deliver native 4k , 60fps , and at least the same graphic fidelity as the xbox one.
Anyone who thinks 6tflops is going to give all that is living in a fantasy , you guys can day dream all you want.

I am not saying it wont be powerful console either as long as they focus that power in the right place .

IamTylerDurden11826d ago

Why are we hyping a console a 1yr and a half from launch? Neo drops this holiday, it's relevant, if anything xboneS and Neo should be talked about and compared.

ThatOneRiggaNob1826d ago

how is scorpio not a console when it's probably going to be running the same UI and behave the same as a regular x1 but with more power.... You're not trolling but mostly just talking out of your ass and it's pretty amazing. Where did you get your information about cross play because I know for a fact Gears 4 will only allow cross play on the co-op modes such as campaign and horde. MP will be seperate. Just because it will be strong like a pc doesn't make it a pc.

Condemnedman1826d ago

kingthrash........ your trying too hard
lol its not a console? what does that even mean l sorry the PS neo is less powerful so that counts. Lol is that the new fanboy excuse so you can't compare them both. hold on while I piss myself laughing 😂

KesMonkey1826d ago

"It's not a console.
It's a pc."

if you really believe that, you don't understand what a PC is.

starrman19851826d ago

It will still be interesting come next year to see what happens with third party games like CoD etc, will they just tone down the graphics/resolution on the Scorpio to match the Neo or will they just get the highest they can out of both independently?

jessionpc1826d ago

It is most certainly NOT a pc. Fact.

Just thinking that... You literally have no idea what the pc community has called a, "pc", over the last 30+ years.

Scorpio cannot be modded or altered. It's a closed console operating system build by M$... Maybe someday a Xbox will drop and it will be a pc, but not with this. By the way, you are most certainly not playing pc games on the scorpio. My god, a couple cross platform games come around and this invisible talk about M$ teaming up with Valve and every shit head climbs out underneath a rock... FF.......S...

But I will certainly agree with one thing. The Scorpio will absolutely NOT be running modern games at 4k 60 fps. That's a fact. But it most certainly play last gen at 4k60fps or less graphically intense modern games.

Master of Unlocking1826d ago

The XBOX Scorpio won't run games at 4K, at least not natively, no. Or maybe extremely simple games from a graphical point of view, and even that is a stretch. It doesn't have enough power to run, say, Gears of War at native 4K, much less @60fps. It will upscale them to 4K, yes.
I agree however with the rest of what you said, it indeed looks like Microsoft is preparing to exit the console market. It's kinda like they came to the idea (rightfully or wrongfully) that they can't beat Sony and basically said "oh well, console gaming doesn't interest us anyway, PC gaming is where the meat is, let's just focus on that"
Seriously, if their new SKUs, the "S" and the other "S", don't meet their sales expectations, I think they could really announce that there's not going to be another newer-gen for the XBOX. I think it's possible.

zb1ftw7771826d ago


What makes a console seperate from a PC?

The true ability to pop a disc in and play.

The Scorpio fulfills demand for huge supply, and does it better than Sonys offerings.

MS are on the rise again.

Saithraphim1826d ago (Edited 1826d ago )

The way i see it games TODAY will be able to run at 4k 60fps....but games next year prob wont. I think there is a marketing angle here because games become more and more demanding as developers find ways to increase fidelity. Im excited for scorpio dont get me wrong, but i believe its obvious that MS wants to make the console a PC i care or mind? Hell not, i really dont care because the experience will be awesome. My concern is the price...MS has ALWAYS over done it when they felt like they were in a dominant position...this backfired with xbox one but now they have a legitimate reason to believe they have the upper hand...will they drop a $600-$700 beast then push limitations to control as much as the money flow as possible? i dont know, but i hope not.

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Yetter1826d ago

MS announces two new consoles

PS Fanboys: MS is pulling out of the console game!

ape0071826d ago

LMAO, current consoles are essentially PCs, ps4 is a PC as well, PS4Neo is there to prevent gamers from jumping to PC

if anything, MS is pushing console gaming forward by providing freedom to the player