RPGamer: Master of the Monster Lair - Impression

RPGamer writes: "On paper, dungeon-making games sound fantastic. Hand the player a blank slate upon which to plan and construct the dungeon of his dreams, filled with beasts, ghosts, and goblins, and then let him go hog-wild. The question developers face, though, is how to implement this concept. Should it be SimCity with demons? A real-time strategy game like Dungeon Keeper? A combination of the two like Viva Piñata? Unsurprisingly, Global A Entertainment, a Japanese developer, decided to do something closer to a traditional JRPG with Master of the Monster Lair. Owen, who lives in a village where education ends after grade school, takes a shovel into a cave outside of town every day in order to carve a labyrinth out of its walls. When he comes in contact with any of the feral residents who moved in overnight, it initiates a turn-based, "Fight, Magic, Item, Escape" battle. The result is a unique experience that is part god-game, part dungeon-crawler, and part Dragon Quest. The combination of the different aspects is more integrated than patchwork, and they feed each other in a natural, flowing manner."

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