Skyrim Remastered: Pete Hines Explains Why The Game Won’t Be Free For Existing Console Players

Bethesda won some major brownie points when they announced that The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim would be remastered and made available later this year… but that it would be absolutely free for PC players who already own the game and its DLC.

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Mr-Dude2919d ago

I am not paying full price again for a 5 year old game, especially not a Bethesda game. Will be used then or a sale

Eidolon2918d ago

Game will drop to half price within a couple months. $60 is ridiculous when they're even mentioning the high-res packs that USERS have created.

Forum_Pirate2918d ago

What are you talking about?

That's the reason they aren't charging PC players. It's a game we already own and DLC we already own on a system we already own with high res textures we already have and mod support we already have. If they tried charging PC players money they'd be laughed at. It would be like releasing The Last of Us remastered on the PS3. Nobody is buying that, for any amount of money.

Meanwhile, porting the game to PS4 and Xbone requires adapting the game to completely new architectures and getting it optimized for completely new hardware. Given that Bethedas huge games already have tons of optimization issues, that's no small task. Most certainly more work than Dishonored. not to mention adding mod support.

Also because they can on console because you don't have an option.

TheCommentator2918d ago

You forget, Forum, that Bethesda got Skyrim up and running on XB1 and PS4 while beginning to work on Fallout 4 as a test of how the engine performed. That means that the work was done already, and people who bought Fallout 4 paid for Skyrim's remastering costs already. Full price for this game is an outrage. $30 at most and even that is pushing it.

Forum_Pirate2918d ago

That's like, not true. People who paid for Fallout 4 paid for fallout 4 and the 7 years of development for fallout 4. If Bethesda wants to monitize their efforts getting Skyrim running on the new consoles and whatever upgrades they attached to it, there is nothing wrong with that.

$30? The Legendary Edition on Steam is $40, without the extra work of the port or the upgrades. Dream on.

TheCommentator2918d ago

Right, Forum, but they can give it away for free to PC owners so if you buy the Legendary edition for $40 you get the upgraded edition with it. Then they sell it for $60 on consoles??? Why not $40? Since they aren't giving it away for free to 360/PS3 owners who already bought everything, people who put just as much money into the game as PC owners did get royally screwed. That's why it should be $30 on consoles at most.

TBH, this is just one more reason why MS has the right strategy in deciding to make the Xbox more like a PC in terms of software compatibility. If I were playing Skyrim 360 on my XB1, for example, they could just give me the upgrades for free too.

Forum_Pirate2918d ago

You seem to have missed the part where they're porting it to an entirely new platform, re-optomizing it and adding things other than the lighting upgrade that you didn't already have access to.

You aren't getting screwed. If you are, you screwed yourself by buying it on a platform where that kind of work is necessary to get it running. Them charging for that work is not unfair or screwing you over.

Why should it be *cheaper* on consoles, when they had to put in more work *because* of consoles? You seem to think that an inferior version of an otherwise identical product on the same platform is like, a bonus somehow. It's isn't. For people who have the legenday edition it's a minor upgrade and nothing more, maybe an excuse to play again. For people who just buy the special edition the old one is irrelevant because the new one is identical but with better lighting. These are not true of the console version. Just the draw distance/framerate that even begin to rival the PC version will be a major improvement, also, again, mod support.

That's why people game on PCs in the first place. We don't have generations. If you bought a console because it's easy or because that's what your friends have, which are both perfectly valid reasons, it's still your fualt when stuff like this happens and you pay extra.

Kingthrash3602918d ago

I never played skyrim. So this is awsome for me!......
...wait. ....full price????
Wtf this game was out before circuit city closed down! Guess I'll wait for the price drop to reach 29.99 or less anything over that is just some bs.

souldestroyer142918d ago

"That's the reason they aren't charging PC players. It's a game we already own and DLC we already own on a system we already own with high res textures we already have and mod support we already have."

If it's something you already own then why is it even a new game? Because it isn't the same game it's on an updated engine. If it was just higher resolution textures it would simply be an update to the original game.

Forum_Pirate2918d ago

Yeah, see, being on an updated engine doesn't mean we don't already have it. The lighting will be better. whoopty doo. They'd never sell it to PC players for any amount of money based on that alone.

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gameseveryday2918d ago

I think you have a fair point. A full price point for a 5 year old game is kind of unfair. This should have been $40 at most.

Yi-Long2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

Myeah, it seems a bit high, but on the other hand it's a well-loved fantastic game offering hundreds of hours of gameplay.

I can understand why they're asking 60 bucks for it, but I'm sure many (MANY) people will refrain from buying it until it hits the 30$ or less mark.

I haven't played the game yet so if they haven't done a poor job I'll certainly pick it up, but I will wait for a big price-drop as well.

freshslicepizza2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

this is why i am so supportive of the new direction console gaming is headed. instead of re-releasing games like the last of us and charging all over again. systems like the ps4 neo will hopefully solve that issue. same with the xbox, you buy an xbox scorpio and you can play the same game again but now in 4k.

"Although you have a point about BC. Xbox users have to pay the same price for Skyrim as Playstation users. This is not about The Last Of Us, but Skyrim. Besides TLOU remasterd was not fully priced..."

where did i specifically say this is only about xbox? i seaid moving forward meaning ps4 neo and scorpio and also hoping the next xbox and the ps5 will also carry on with keeping gamers compatable with their old software.

Mr-Dude2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

Although you have a point about BC. Xbox users have to pay the same price for Skyrim as Playstation users. This is not about The Last Of Us, but Skyrim. Besides TLOU remasterd was not fully priced...

Deadpooled2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

Looking around online retailers in the UK the pre-order prices are lower than full price at sub £35 (Base PS4/XB1 versions £32.69 http://www.base.com/buy/pro...

Pixelart2918d ago

Thought you console folk would be used to it by now.

shauzy2918d ago

well, nobody said that about call of duty

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Herbalistic2919d ago

I like the new additions but i'm not going to pay 60 dollars.I'll wait for a price drop down the road.

Eidolon2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

$20-30 is my limit. It's not a new game, so they shouldn't be charging a new game price.

beerzombie2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

Ya I'll wait a buy and new game for sixy dollars on a rehash money grab. They could have just bc the game with mods.

2918d ago
Iberius2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess that money is the answer.

While people are complaining about this anyone have any bets on when the next Elder Scrolls game will release? I'm betting 2020.

Movefasta19932918d ago

2017/2018, tops.They saw them fallout 4 sales,they want more!

xX1NORM1Xx2918d ago

Going by the bethesda releases since F3 its gonna be 2018 at the earliest 2019 at the latest

InTheZoneAC2918d ago

i would say an elder scrolls game at the end of 2017 at the earliest, but probably early-mid 2018

EDKICK2918d ago

Unless Elder Scrolls VI is being developed by another studio (ie Obsidian with New Vegas) there is absolutely no way we see it in 2017 are you joking? Just think about the timeline for a minute Skyrim came out Nov 11, 2011 preliminary Fallout 4 development started in 2009 with most of Bethesda Game Studios working on Skyrim. Development for Fallout 4 only started into major development after Skyrim so early 2012 when most of Bethesda GS moved to Fallout 4 with some working on Skyrim DLC once Skyrim DLC was completed all of Bethesda GS was on Fallout 4 until they started Skyrim Special Edition. I love Elder Scrolls and I can't wait for the next one but you have to imagine Bethesda just recently started focusing all of their attention and resources on Elder Scrolls VI. With insight from Bethesda on Fallout 4 development Fallout 4 was in that period from sometime in 2012 til it's release in late 2015 that's atleast 3years and people complained Fallout 4 wasn't different enough and they again have been working on Skyrim Special Edition. So Elder Scrolls VI is probably a holiday 2019 or 2020 game at least.

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starrman19852918d ago

It should be free for anyone with the digital game+dlc on the MS/Sony store for sure!

Dragonking0072918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

Never came to psn digitally so obviously cant be free, ill gladly be trading in fallout 4 and couple other games to reduce the price.