Sarcastic Gamer: 4 Games in September that will empty my wallet

Animathias writes:

"Just like last year, a deluge of games began pouring out of the woodwork once Madden was released. While last year's big August hit, Bioshock, was ten times better than this year's Too Human, I don't think that is any indication that the quality of games this year will be worse. This is especially true when I looked over the game release calendar for September."

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HipHopGamerShowFan3697d ago

He mentions no Ps3 exclusive, but has 1 disappointing 360 exclusive.

DavidMacDougall3697d ago

Is there any coming out in Set?

Dyingduck3697d ago

He owns a Crapbox360 and getting Infinite Flop...

That's like getting hit with two rocks for one bird

morganfell3697d ago

Well I had The Force Unleashed reserved but after that demo no thanks. I canceled and kicked the money over to Wanted.

spartan112g3697d ago

@ HipHopGamerShowFan

PS3 has no exclusives this month you arrogant litle b****. Do some research before you automatically jump to conclusions.

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MAR-TYR-DOM3697d ago

2007 was the best year in gaming?
.... Not in my books

If any year in gaming you have one of the best games ever created released(MGS4), that year is pretty special.

Covenant3697d ago

I'd say that '07 and '08 are about equal, when you consider it:

Last fall, the 360 had the killer lineup, with the PS3 showcasing a solid batch of games.

This fall, it's reversed.

What will '09 bring?

If it's nearly as good as the last two years, we're going to be SPOILED as gamers.

TheIneffableBob3697d ago

'09 will bring StarCraft 2.


AAACE53697d ago

It seems like only sony fanboys won't admit that 2007 was the best year in gaming!

Yes MGS 4 is great and MS ans Sony will have good games coming out but extremely few games this year are capable of producing the review scores or generating the high sales as the titles from 2007! Before all of you go on a rampage look at the facts... MGS4 is the best game on the Ps3, but GTA 4 outsold it!

There weren't alot of good games for the Ps3 last year and you fanboys are irritaded like the bad child who didn't get anything for christmas. But I enjoyed 2007's games, and look foward to 2008's, and '09, '10 and beyond!

Just admit it... 2007 was the best year in gaming! It's true... But it could be replaced by 2008's lineup as the best year in gaming!

BlackTar1873696d ago

Do yuo honestly believe sales define a game? Or better yet a exp. you run around throwing fanboy everywhere and your comments are just retarded. Sales dont define anything but sales not gameplay etc. then you talk about reviews fanbo or not everyone knows GTA4 was good not great they took out most of the fun stuff.

Sorry dont mean to attack you but your comment reak of issues. The only ones being that you claim sales=good game Review scores=non bias (Towards any systems)

iHEARTboobs3696d ago

It's all a matter of opinion. To some, biased or not, 07 will be the best year in gaming. To others it might be this year. I personally hope that I can say "this is the best year in gaming history" at the end of every year. That would be awesome. As for GTA4 outselling MGS4, was there ever any doubt? MGS is more of a hardcore game and doesn't appeal to as many people as GTA. And stop calling people fanboys! You're a fanboy too!

BlackTar1873696d ago

I Remember a game called Brute Force for the original XBOX and it sold alot but I cant Remember playing a worse game. But others may like it so i'm not flaming or whatever its called just a point i'm trying to make (Probably better ex. but I couldn't think straight.

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AIi_The_Brit3697d ago

SFU is the only one il be getting

you think september is bad?

jesus wait till october :|

Covenant3697d ago

Sold...on all four.

But I have a question: Which kidney do I sell to pay for all the gaming goodness coming out this fall?

And, strange as it sounds, add Viva Pinata 2 to my list. I really enjoyed the first one.

militant073697d ago

mine is only viva pinata 2 for sptumber and far cry 2/fable 2 for october and gears of war 2 for novmber and finaly banjo 3 for december .

Shadow Man3697d ago

Viva Piñata is great game to bad it doesn't get the respect it deserves.

thekingofMA3697d ago

i completely agree with you shadow man

it's a shame people dismiss it as child's play

but i'm just wondering: what's with your recent multiple personality thing? are you going all silogon with your blunt approach of saying what you want to instead of the great 360 fanboy you once were?

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