Dean Takahashi's Xbox 360 Uncloaked

Dean Takahashi did a great job weaving you through the inside story on the 360 starting back before the original Xbox even launched. There is a 20 year plan for Microsoft within the industry and the 360 is the next step in that advancement.

He describes some of the internal struggles, each person's background and how and why they ended up at Microsoft (or in some cases leaving Microsoft). I was amazed at how many former Nintendo executives are in the games division at Microsoft. Evidently, having their corporation offices so close in Redmond was convenient for attracting talent, especially after the big Nintendo executive shake-up.

Lucidmantra6200d ago

This has been done before but it is a great book andone worthy of a read to people no matter which console you will pick up to take a look inside the decisions and planning, money and amount of things involved in making this machines we love so much to come here and argue about.

After you read this get Hacking the Xbox by Bunny Huang and you will learn alot about consoles and the have a good ability to talk about them with an educated approach. There are many harware hacking books out there that talk about consoles and how they work and how they advance also.

PS360PCROCKS6200d ago

yeah good if your into business aspects of the gaming world