Microsoft E3 2016 Showcase Images

Microsoft had an impressive showing this year with updated and enhanced systems, new games, and custom controllers. Skewed and Reviewed have posted a collection of images from their coverage of the conference.

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Alexious1126d ago

It was a great conference, I think it's being undersold.

Garethvk1126d ago

That is a great topic. I think it is a case of while they did very well, manu think Sony still outdid them with the V.R. and new exclusives. Plus with many of their exclusives coming to PC it does take some of thhe umph of the console away. But a much better showing compared to years past.

Septic1126d ago

The leaks killed the hype completely

Fin_The_Human1126d ago

The leaks did kill the surprise factor for MS and also I think that they are saving some of the biggest gaming surprises for next year E3 so that they can officially show the Scorpio games.

I expect games like Banjo, Halo 6, Forza, Mine Craft 2 and yes Half Life Ep 3 to make a splash at next year MS E3.

Heard rumours that Valve and MS have become good buddies ;)

Garethvk1126d ago

To be expected since Valve leadership were mainly ex MS people.

Fin_The_Human1126d ago

Yeah I remember that...specially Gabe who workd at MS.

Not sure why things got so heated between Valve and MS but heard it reached a boiling point when MS had Steve Ballmer as CEO since he was so egotistical and very close minded.

Heard Satya is the total opposite and companies like Valve and even Apple seem to respect him and are open to dealing with him.

Garethvk1126d ago

Rumors and egos mainly from what I understand. Gabe was and is PC first and they wanted more love for the Xbox. Remember Gabe was not big on the PS3 then had the about face and said how their games run better on the PS 3 vs Xbox 360 and so on.

ThyMasterDebater1126d ago

Na, They did okay, But Sony just handed them their own ass on a plate. Nothing they showed was great games wise except Gears and maybe dead rising.. Scorpio won't be ready for at least 15 more months and even then.. The price will be so high most people will probably just buy a pc instead.

Fin_The_Human1126d ago (Edited 1126d ago )

Seems like you have it all planned out and MS is doomed.

Your mighty Sony is king and the PS will be the only console to remain.

Good for you kid...wish I could you a pat on the head.

ThyMasterDebater1126d ago

Yep, For 3 generations now. Still the King. Still the best studios. Still the most sales and fans.