Industry Insider Tidux says NEO will be priced "at 399$"

“NEO is coming this year, at 399$ 399€ and 349£”

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ninsigma1863d ago

That's what I thought it would be priced at. this isn't confirmation though so it could still be higher. I'd be surprised if it did go higher though.

Cindy-rella1862d ago (Edited 1862d ago )

For the rumoured specs thats a good price and id buy it first day. I cant wait but i have to unless i buy the matrix film. I do hope i can hear about the actual console soon and im hoping its able to run games in 4k 30fps.

Mr Pumblechook1862d ago

Don't trust Tidux, he is full of it.
Remember when he tweeted that Sony would reveal PSN name changes at PSX 2015? He had everyone from Colin & Greg to all GAF quoting him - look how that turned out!

freshslicepizza1862d ago

this guy is just someone who guesses based on probability. he's like michael pachter but doesn't get paid for his predictions. i already said it will be $399 too, so where's my cookie?

Cha0tik1862d ago

I've been following Tidux for a long time on twitter. He isn't always right but he has seemed to get everything I care about right. He might just have some unreliable sources sometimes causing him to be wrong. It happens.

UltimateMaster1861d ago

He just repeated what has already been said.

Omnislashver361861d ago (Edited 1861d ago )

I'd much rather see them increase the specs to 4.5-5 TFLOPS and charge $449-499...

bouzebbal1861d ago

Great price.. That's a big win.

donthate1861d ago

Based on market condition and rumored specs, PS4K/Neo will cost $499. There is no ifs and buts about it.

Sony has to separate the PS4 and PS4K/Neo in the market. A $50 difference isn't likely, because that is like killing off the PS4.

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Gitgud1862d ago

It's gonna be £300, that's what I believe atleast. I don't remember any second model of a playstation console being a higher price than the original, why start now?

ninsigma1862d ago

"why start now?"
Because the parts in it are better than what's in it now.
Andrew House said it's gonna cost more than the PS4.

Livecustoms1862d ago

Because its not a 'slim' and has new hardware ?

KwietStorm_BLM1861d ago (Edited 1861d ago )

It's not a PS4 slim it's a PS4 Neo. That means upgraded internals. And $399 would be the same as the launch price PS4, which all things considered, would be a very fair price, especially if it comes with this rumored 'Pro' Dualshock 4.

Genuine-User1862d ago (Edited 1862d ago )

I think it will cost around £400 in the UK.

I would be surprised if it's any lower. Although I hope it is.

ShadowKnight1862d ago (Edited 1862d ago )

That's a great price and should keep the momentum going for them until they release the PS5 in two years.

Zeref1861d ago

didn't sony say that it will cost more than the PS4 launch price?

Gitgud1861d ago

If they did then I was mistaken.

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BlakHavoc1863d ago

Just saw this on twitter, exciting news if true. I'll certainly be getting one alongside PSVR. I don't think it'll have issues selling to new PS4 consumers, but how often current consumers upgrade should be interesting.

JMaine5181863d ago

Yea, sounds like $399 and focusing on 1080p60fps for games and 4K for movie and video playback. I'm cool with that. Day ONE.

Thatguy-3101862d ago

There won't be a big difference from the OG PS4 so people aren't going to feel left out. Day one as well. Especially when thinking about the games that were shown at e3 releasing on it.

ILostMyMind1862d ago

Me too. Leave 4k resolution for PS5.

medman1862d ago (Edited 1862d ago )

Yeah....I see 4k streaming, but to be honest for 399 the Neo may not include a 4k blu ray player, and that would be a bummer. Hope I'm wrong, and 399 includes one though, that would be fantastic. I'm certainly hoping there will be a sku of the Neo that includes a 4k blu ray, even if it's priced higher.

1861d ago
Master of Unlocking1861d ago

The base PS4 can already stream 4K movies, the Neo will be able to also read Ultra HD Blu-Rays of course.

Fist4achin1861d ago

I'm in. Still haven't upgraded and this winter will be a good time.

Kingdomcome2471861d ago (Edited 1861d ago )

@Medman- I'm sure it will include a 4k bluray drive. The base Xbox One (s) is $299 and it includes one.

medman1861d ago (Edited 1861d ago )

Does it? I didn't know that, thanks.... I stand corrected. I look forward to it.

1861d ago
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Thatguy-3101862d ago

With that price tag it'll be 2013 all over again. They have to nail the unveil of it. I'm positive it'll do good in the market.