UGO Hands-On: Valkyria Chronicles

UGO writes: "In the past few years my interest in Japanese RPGs has waned to the point that I only play one or two a year, and never on a game's release date. I'll pick them up months after they've come out to fill whatever lull the industry is in; when I finally have the time to invest in a 30+ hour adventure. To be honest, I'm oddly not even excited by Final Fantasy XIII because it's hard to get excited for a game--even a blockbuster--if there's only a minute amount of information to run with. I'm only saying all this because today I ran across the first RPG in a while that made me perk up and take notice.

SEGA's Valkyria Chronicles combines two of my favorite elements in RPGs: guns and tactics. I'm tired of swords and bucklers, spears and wands. I want hot, bolt-action gunpowder and metal. And it's exactly what Valkyria Chronicles delivers."

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zenosaga043752d ago

It's definitely starting to sound like this game is worth looking forward to

Vicophine3752d ago

*QUALITY* JRPG's and JSRPG's, only on Playstation 3.

socomnick3752d ago

Lol more like quality Srpg, this isnt a jrpg its a god daam strategy game. like advance wars ds. Enjoy your rts.

ThatCanadianGuy3752d ago

Atleast its better then "Halo wars"

UNCyrus3752d ago

There are a couple of great points about this game that haven't really been explored yet...

1) Playstation exclusive - This wouldn't really be that big of a deal, except that PS3 hasn't really seen that many RPGs yet, so the fact that it's getting one from a big name dev (sony) and that it's exclusive is big news.

2) New style of game - This game is a hybrid of two different and successful genres, strategy and action. I for one haven't seen this type of combination that created a game similar to a FF:Tactics, but with action and almost an FPS integration.

3) Cell shading done right - Unlike the kiddy and cartoony cell-shading in games like Windwaker, this style of it lends it self well to games and doesn't turn away the target audience of core gamers that the game is made for.

All in all, I've already pre-ordered this game after reading the really good reviews that its received from Japan