Blend Games: Gears of War 2 vs. Resistance 2: Round 1

Blend Games writes: "Here at Blend Games we've always had a penchant for rivalries and game-related match-ups. You might remember the battle between Metroid Prime 3 and Halo 3? Or perhaps the tug-of-war between Free Radical's Haze and Bungie's Halo 3? Well we're at it again. This time it's none other than Gears of War 2 and Resistance: Fall of Man 2. So, we welcome you to this three round bout between two of fall's biggest exclusives. Both Microsoft and Sony are pulling out the stops for the Xbox 360 and PS3's first-party action games, and neither game is seeking to disappoint. So let's not waste time and get right to what everyone came here to find out: which game, so far, looks like it'll prove to be the better game?"

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SpecialSauce3703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

i don't know why everyone is comparing these games. gears is miles ahead of R2. like not even on the same lvl. Rfom 1 didn't keep me occupied for more than two weeks. gears on the other is a game i still play regularly. it's like the only game i play on my 360.

gears 2 will sell more, get rated higher, and will be played longer.

3703d ago
Iraq Resistance ROM3703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

our iraqi resistance 2 will win the battle with gears 2

gears of war 2 = unreal engine = DVD game = last gen game

iraqi resistance 2 = brand new ps3 engine = blue ray game = on the most powerful console = next gen game

some of the pictures of the conflict between iraqi resistance 2 and gears 2

xBot Lemmings3703d ago

we the xbot lemmings wish we had a game like resistance 2

ukilnme3703d ago

You playstation dildo suckers make too many dumbass account names.

cahill3703d ago

60 player online
8 player co-op
2 SP modes
300 feet bosses
4x as big as Resistance 1


1`0 player online
2 player co-op
40 feet bosses
1 SP mode

Resistance 2 wins by far

Iraq Resistance ROM3703d ago

this is not offensive, its real and its not directed to anybody here in specific, u see dead people on CNN and u would call that offensive??
and video games is responsible for it even if it is a bit at least for americans, when kids grow up on game like those and COD4 what would u expect them to think about war when they r adults?? am sure if u make a survey of all soldiers in iraq about what is the things that enspire them to be marines or what ever, some would say video game if they were honest!

so understand the meaning of offensive before u go and out shouting with it!! in fact u r being offensive by ignoring that fact to me!!


what do u think this guy is thinking and what is he aiming at and wat motivated him to in his position u think?

so it was deleted?? its ok i will post in the open Zone, maybe people there is more understanding than here


is defending america by killing iraqi babies?? well if u dont believe that then i can give u endless articles and pictures to prove my point! infact u can just go to youtube and type fallujia massacre and u will see come nice soldiers made an oath to protect their country in that video!! if u have a bit of humanity in u u should go to youtube now and type what i told u!! but of course u will not, u r too scared of the truth!!

america went to iraq to suck it dry out of oil!! its all about money, even those marrines went there just for money!! they r mostly high school drop outs and got no future so by going there they will get more than u ever dream of getting!!

also if u type abu ghraib, u will find what was the soldiers who made an oath to their country is doing in iraq

u r too fragile to take the truth kids!!!

Draperc3703d ago

Hey, the dumbsh*t is back, Did you gain some braincells since the last time we met? I hope so, reading your retarded comments isn't really good for my mental health you know. By the way, Resistance 2 owns Gears 2, simply because it has bigger online multiplayer, the story will no doubt be better as well.

candystop3703d ago

Here go the PS3 fans claiming victory again when they don't have anything worth going up against Gears2. If you guys think RFom2 looks better and has better features and graphics then your fooling yourself seriously. You guys should just be glad your getting some decent games this year and quit with the my system is more powerful crap already.

Tmac3703d ago

Please.. GoW2 is garbage, have fun with 10 players on the same server :O amazing!

Pain3703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

Emo's of War is just what it is... Bland Kill fest with a lame story....

RFOM 2 is something else so bla..

Only people that will buy Emo's of War are the Teeny bobbers that have a hard on for violent games or just your usual xbox teens.

60 players online , 8 player Co-op, ONe HUGE crazy as$ story with HUGE no scripted level design >>>> Pay to play last gen 5v5 Blood fest

and Warhammer 40k back in the 80's did Chain blades/Sword first, so lancers ftl.

This Article / compassion is as lame a a Xbot's IQ.

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Iraq Resistance ROM3703d ago ShowReplies(6)
Skyreno3703d ago

^^ Really Resistance 2 is FAR Way Better than crappy Gears of war 2

Dyingduck3703d ago

Latest voting in round one:

R2 = 69%
Gears2 = 31%

Who's winning?

juuken3703d ago

Looks like Resistance 2 to me.

hardcorehippiez3702d ago

why? what did we ever do to you ? lmao

Dark3603703d ago


Overr8ed3703d ago

please Resistance 2 is better than Gays of the Village.
Resistance 2 is offering away better experience.

nice_cuppa3703d ago

i think they will both be aaa !
I will buy them both !
Man i hate the way articles are writen for the fanboys now !
When did the gaming media go down the tabloid route ?

gano3703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

Min a group of fans touted a console was bad, to hard/learn and cost so much when it dropped. The media trashed it, somebody paid and made deals
to trash the name of the comp. And kept the same face/lie in the public.


cahill3703d ago

By the time of Resistance 2's launch the bases of 2` consoles would be equal or about equal

Ps3 is just 3m apart from x360

Ofcourse Resistance 2 will sell way more than Gears2 in europe and Japan
In US Gears will sell more . But ofcourse u never know

DarK-SilV3703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

Gears of bore 1.2 will be demolished by R2 MARK MY word,not in sales because I'm not really sure right now ,but in gameplay and other things