The Penny Arcade Guys: Gamers Gone Pro

Marian Liu Writes:

"They are living the dream -- assuming turning video games into sustenance is your goal.

In 1998, high-school best friends Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins were drawing superhero comics in their Spokane, Wash., apartment. Undeterred by their loss in a magazine's comic-strip contest, they'd set up their Web site for their strip, which survived on PayPal donations from readers. Then they made a big jump to advertising Learn how you can enhance your email marketing program today. Free Trial - Click Here. on the site, but their paying clients barely covered food.

Today, their sarcastically fun gaming webcomic, "Penny Arcade," is hardly struggling. The comic's Web site collects more than 70 million hits a month. And "Penny Arcade" has grown far beyond a comic strip, morphing into a video-game convention back in 2004. Friday, Krahulik and Holkins will kick off the fifth PAX, or Penny Arcade Expo, a three-day festival about all kinds of gaming. More than 50,000 gamers, from as far as Australia and Japan, are expected to come."

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