Gametrailer: Starcraft II PAX 2008: Troublesome Gameplay

Gametrialer: New starcraft II video. PC owners, enjoy.

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Garethvk3701d ago

I played it while covering PAX. Seemed much like the old one just with better graphics. The mouse response was bad though.

play_b3yond3701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

Fans will be playing this game no matter what but those who haven't played the first game probably wouldn't like it as much. I haven't played the first one and by looking at the trailers I don't see it being fun. But this game might mean something else to people who have played the first one.

TheIneffableBob3700d ago

I'm hoping we get this game before 2010.

I've been waiting for a sequel to the greatest game ever made for far too long.