Gamernode: N+ Review

Gamernode writes: "They say there is beauty in simplicity, and that is exactly the philosophy that SilverBirch Studios aims to capitalize upon with their portable adaptation of Metanet Software's ninja platform/puzzle IP. N+ was originally a freeware flash game (entitled, simply, N), but was ported to Xbox Live Arcade early this year. Now, a ground-up version of the game has found what seems the proper home for such incremental, small-dose gameplay--the PSP.

The game is divided up into small, single-screen levels, through which players must use the momentum-based and super-responsive control system to navigate, collecting golden nuggets from a web of mines, lasers, machine gun turrets, homing missiles, and a variety of other nasty obstacles on their way to the exit. The only tools at the ninja's disposal are his ability to run, jump, and kick off/slide down walls, but those skills are enough to be successful, and have fun (and/or get addicted to) doing it."

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