Worth It? Mirror's Edge: Catalyst (PS4, Xbox One, PC) - Video Games Are Dumb

Should You Jump For Joy Or Run For Your Life?

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Zorkaz1822d ago

I agree with some of the points that he's making, but for me, it was definitely worth it. It was the first game I preordered, and probably the game I've spent the most money on, and for once it feels fine. The game is just so fun to play! Everybody sometimes forget that's what games are for!

DrKarateChop1822d ago

Hey! I'm the guy in the review. Your comment was really validating to me! Obviously we have come to different conclusions of opinion but I'm so happy to hear that you understand my position! Reviews can feel tremendously abstract at times, I'm often left wondering if they make any sense at all, so this means a lot.

I'm think it's awesome you love this game. The connect between the player and the art is something I value very much. Even when I don't appreciate a title, I never dismiss that experience. It's the reason we play :)

Zorkaz1822d ago

I know right? Well I'll be happy to watch more reviews of yours. I honestly find them a lot more down to earth than most, so I'll check out your channel!

Servbot411822d ago

If you love time trials: Yes
If you don't: No

Sweendog0071822d ago

After watching the video the guy has a point

His main headline is totally dumb , how many people will read that headline and get the wrong idea. Lol

DrKarateChop1822d ago

I'm the guy in the video and I completely agree with your point. However, it's intentional. It's a sort of filter to exclude the overly protective audience, as it often results in bickering without meaningful resolution *cough* N4G *cough* It might lower my views and subscriptions, but I like to think the right people will get it. At least, I hope that's what it does.