Five Other Post-Apocalyptic Games You Shouldn't Miss

Fallout 3 is due on October 28th and if you've already played and replayed the first two games in the series, you're probably looking for other games to give you your "end of the world" fix for the next two months. CB Games has compiled a list of five other titles that offer plenty of post-apocalyptic, genre-bending fun to tide you over.

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Relcom3701d ago

if you can find it i recommend wasteland

MK_Red3701d ago

WTF!? How could they miss this one? It's the big daddy of them all. Fallout 1 & 2 should have been there too.

Charlie26883701d ago

The thing is finding it and then getting it to run properly (if at all -_-) remember its a game from FREAKING 1988 (YAY for that year) on a floppy disc!

yet is the father of Post Apocalyptic games :)

EvilCackle3701d ago

@ MK_Red: Read the first paragraph. The point was to talk about something other than a Fallout game (which basically includes "Wasteland", which Fallout was the spiritual successor to).

BranWheatKillah3701d ago

Strife should not be missed.