Final Fantasy XIII trailer, extended

Remember the last Sony commercial of the PS3 that featured a shot taken from Final Fantasy XIII? Well, now the full version is here.

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DJ5242d ago

But this still looks crazy! I can't believe what SquareEnix has done to the gameplay; the director was heavily influenced by the action sequences from Advent Children, and it shows.

Sevir045242d ago

This will definately be the biggest RPG of 2007/ early 2008 i'm for late 2007 but at the same time i want a final fantasy of 7 and 12 deep story calibur and a new reinventive and fresh battle system while also giving me some graphic awe that matches advent children or even better. ^^ so i dont want them to rush this at all. but dang it Go Square go. I am 100 percernt with you on this most anticipated ps3 game

Sevir045242d ago (Edited 5242d ago )

I really really just realized how freakishly powerful the graphicly amazing the ps3 is that even a video showing on you tube you can see just how many leaps and bounds this short trailer has gone over other consoles both previous and current. my goodness Square really needs to stop being so tight lipped and just feed us this darn trailer or something and while they are at it they can fill our guts with that extended Versus 13 trailer as well, Heck why dont they just release the damn game already so i can bask in this advent children-esque game... Darnn you square darn you

calderra5242d ago

The developers, this October: "We are 1-4% dont coding the White Engine."

The White Engine will someday be used to build this game. As of the time this trailer was made, the developers had not yet even started coding the game engine yet.

Interesting that they were able to show "real gameplay" before actual production on the game began, eh?

DJ5239d ago

The engine used to create the realtime FF7 Remake video IS the White Engine. Engines are constantly updated and expanded upon throughout development, and across multiple titles/years.

I do remember them stating at E3 2006 that FFXIII was roughly 10% finished. We'll see if they make the 2007 release deadline, which is entirely possible if they put all of their resources into this title. With enough manpower and talent, anything's possible.