IGN Crowns The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild as Game of the Show

With many fantastic nominations to choose from, and IGN has picked The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild as the winner.

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BullyMangler880d ago (Edited 880d ago )

I did see some crazy stuff in the demo. Like Shield boarding down grass lands, (WHILE SNIPING)

And the build up of Kinetic Energy from a sledge hammer, that sent a 12 ton boalder soaring!

poppinslops880d ago

Just about every element of the game demonstrates the same level of innovation that made 'Ocarina...' into a timeless masterpiece... a week ago I wouldn't have dreamed of buying the NX, but now it's a day1 purchase, so long as it launches with Breath of the Wild.

naruga879d ago

i agree Zelda was the best game of the show with actual gamepaly

jaycptza879d ago

@naruga FINAL FANTASY XV, God of War and many others showed game play.

Gazda879d ago

I agree man. I dont own a wii U. Im a playstation gamer mainly, with xbox on the side. Watching that Zelda game re invoked the inner child. It truly felt like i could watch someone play the game through and through. I havent said that in years.

Metallox879d ago

@jaycptza He didn't necessarily imply that.

darthv72879d ago

The game shows great promise but I'm not going to lie. I really was hoping Nintendo would take a more mature art style to the game. I miss that tech demo they did so many years ago with link battling gannon. If anything... horizon has the style i really want to see in LoZ game.

this game is beautiful but I can't help feel that nintendo will never bring the world of Hyrule into a more mature and realistic setting.

Zeldafan64879d ago

Also think about the fact that this was just a DEMO!! Only about 2% of the full game. How many new things are they keeping from us? I do wonder how many of the traditional Zelda items we can expect to make an appearance.

OGamer879d ago (Edited 879d ago )

Kids like you are the reason Nintendo doesnt try anymore. One game shouldnt be the reason you tell mommy to buy a 400/500 dollar system. Especially when Nintendo spends around 150 to make an outdated device.

poppinslops878d ago

I'm 30... I imagine most of us are between 20 and 40 years old - we're just not dead inside.

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pcz880d ago

Congrats to Nintendo, I am excited to play the game

Good-Smurf879d ago (Edited 879d ago )

Not surprised it win since they showed Zelda front and center pretty much the whole day focused on Zelda.
The Treehouse Zelda was live during late night here and I can hardly sleep LOL.
Sony stuff got so much stuff to show they only have at most 10 minutes for their new game demo.
Again I honestly do not like the look of This Link as much as Toon Link but they gave him so many cute animations it made up for his rather tomboy look.
My favorite is when he shivers when not wearing shirt in the cold area!

OGamer879d ago

Congratz for wht, releasing a game for an outdated system? Are you people serious or am i the last breathing human among brainless zombies. Congratulations are due when they start making games for other systems or realse more than one AAA game every 4 to 6 yrs.

Lonnie18880d ago

How you know it was 12 tons?

Lightning Mr Bubbles879d ago

Does anyone else think Breath of the Wild is a weird name for a Zelda game? I just never thought a Zelda game would have the word Breath in the title. Breath of the Wild? That doesn't sound like such a good thing. How often does the Wild brush it's teeth?

nunley33879d ago

@Lightning Mr Bubbles Breath in this instance doesn't refer to a person's breath or bad breath lol. It makes alot of sense and you'll be enlightened if you look up the word then think of the open wild with it.

Dasteru879d ago


Problem is the word you are thinking of is spelled "breadth" not "breath".


pcz878d ago (Edited 878d ago )

Breath of the wild is a corny title. I hope it's a working title they intend to change between now and next years release.

Zelda titles usually evoke mystery and curiosity.. what is the ocarina of time? Who is the twilight princess? Breath of the wild is just an obvious description of the experience they want for the player.

It needs to be changed to something more subtle and interesting

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InTheLab879d ago

Honestly this game looks like skyrim for kids and I didn't see any of the innovation I keep reading about....

wonderfulmonkeyman879d ago (Edited 879d ago )

Of course you didn't see any; you were probably too busy picking apart every little detail looking for things to criticize.
And FYI, the majority of people that enjoyed this at the show weren't kids, they were adults. So there goes that immature theory.

879d ago
Zeldafan64879d ago (Edited 879d ago )

Skyward Sword had a few dark moments, especially the final battle. That innovation is seen in the refinement of the gameplay mechanics that have been implemented and this is just a small taste of the game. There's no way they're going to show off the best this game has to offer in a demo.

asadachi879d ago

Man, there's a lot of irrational nintendo haters. Why anyone downvoted your statements is beyond me. Game does look like it's going to be a lot of fun!

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Hoffmann880d ago

I would choose Gears of War 4 since it looked very creative and full of surprises. Gears of War 4 should be crowned as the best and most creative game of the E3 2016.

EcoSos3880d ago

Funny but I would have chosen God of War for most creative from a fast pace hack and slash to a slow father and son stroll. lol

gamer7804879d ago

its best for gaming as a whole that IGN made this decision, the more awards and press it can garner the better off nintendo will be and if nintendo stays in the console race, it will help keep the race diverse and competitive, better for gamers.

nX879d ago (Edited 879d ago )

I love the Zelda series but I'm not sure I agree with this choice. I mean the gameplay for Horizon impressed me much more this year and both games are actually quite comparable. I'm all for keeping Nintendo relevant in this industry but don't you think they should achieve that themselves? In the end we are only voting with our wallets and that's not going to happen based on E3 awards.

miyamoto879d ago (Edited 879d ago )

Not a surprising move from IGN, being the political cowards full of BS they are. They chose the safe route or else if they chose God of War they will get a beating from MS.

Babadook7879d ago

The most creative thing I saw was Horizon. 1000 years after the fall of man and machines are the new 'rulers'. Thats an idea I can appreciate. Fantastic. And the gameplay seems creative too! My personal game of the show. Zelda seems fun but I really can't give it full marks with that character design and those bland textures.

OGamer879d ago (Edited 879d ago )

I had to flag ur silly comment. Nintendo hasn't done anything competitive in more than 12yrs. Your smoking rocks.

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MachuchalBrotha316880d ago

Why? They showed some awesome gameplay. I love Gears but no way was it better than Zelda, atleast for E3.

879d ago
ravinash879d ago

"Not everyone is into Zelda".

By that argument, no game can be crowned best, because you can never impress everyone.

Ol_G879d ago

Dont you see the irony in your post

ninsigma879d ago

Gears looks cool but it doesn't seem to have innovated since the last one. New zelda looks pretty cool. Don't know if I'll get though.

ShadowKnight879d ago (Edited 879d ago )

Gears hasn't innovated since Gears 2 tbh. Gears 3 was great though and Judgment was a disaster.

ninsigma879d ago

Only played the first 2 and honestly 2 was pretty boring for me. Loved the first.

ginsunuva879d ago (Edited 879d ago )

--- The joke --->

Your head.

Erik7357879d ago (Edited 879d ago )

really? How? Last guardian looked more creative than your cover based shooter....

"Oh shit that locus has a squid mouth"
"oh shit there's a wind storm"
"oh shit I can latch on behind this cover and shoot over it"

how in the hell is this the most creative? Fanboys 😂

jessionpc879d ago

Hahahaha... What?

Please be a troll, if you're not?... You're a complete and total hopeless retard... And that's even considering your subjective opinion...

Hoffmann879d ago

Come on...don't be so mean ;-)

Actually I really was just joking with that Gears of War 4 comment. I never even played one of those games but when I saw it during the MS Press Conference I thought..holy shi...this is like a big scipted cutscene with a bit super linear gameplay. Its the opposite of a Zelda game and not something I would call great if I would be serious ;-)

But daaaamn 66 downvotes lol. I thought people here can detect sarcasm.

the_dark_one879d ago

oooohhh that sarcasm..... almost got me.................... almost

Bruh879d ago

Gears 4? I mean its def impressive, but Zelda is on another league. Its atmosphere, level of immersion, diverse gameplay and beautiful hand-drawn graphics. Make it art bro not just a video game, it convinced me alone to buy an NX at launch.

Realms879d ago (Edited 879d ago )

Nah game of the show IMO is Horizon look's awesome very impressive compared to the other games. Gameplay, RPG elements, Interesting story line a very cool world has been created I'm excited to explore it. Just my two cents.

Zeldafan64879d ago

If you think Zelda won't be full of surprises then you've got another thing coming. I wonder how a shooter could really surprise anyone at least from a gameplay perspective. An interesting twist in the story sure but gameplay wise I think a shooter that's much harder to pull off.

Hoffmann879d ago

Hmm for some reason you didnt read my 2nd coment there ;-)

Benchm4rk879d ago (Edited 879d ago )

Dude are you being serious or just fishing for a response. I'm a Gears fan and there is no way in hell I would even use the word Creative to describe a game that is using the same core mechanics with very little innovation since the first game in 2006. I love Gears of War, Loved them all. I have tons of fun playing Co Op with my mates. But just like Halo and Halo fans Gears Fans don't want change so we get the same game with a different story everytime. All the gameplay showed me from E3 was it was a Gears of War game and thats ok. It's what I expected. But please don't say it was full of surprises and Creative.

(Edit) Just seen your comment you were being sarcastic. Bravo my friend. You got a Bite from me. Well played ;)

Hoffmann879d ago

You're welcome, happy weekend !

Chexs1990879d ago

Gears of War 4 looks like all the others in the franchise... How is that game of the Show?

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Playable_Gamez880d ago

I felt like God of War presented itself way better than Zelda did. Despite my opinions on the games new style.

Lonnie18880d ago

God of War is game of show, who cares what ign says, they always vote for the underdog cus it's cool to do that lol.

jcnba28879d ago

Since when has a Zelda game ever been the underdog? LOL!

Erik7357879d ago (Edited 879d ago )

God of war was the graphical impressive and a surprise announcement but there wasn't much substance of the game shown other than its 3 minute demo. Don't see how you can call it game of the show when there's nothing to really see but him walking through woods and fighting a first level monster for 30 seconds.

get over yourself lol

Zelda is not a underdog btw lol, bigger franchise than god of war

Erik7357879d ago


I wanna know who disagreed with your comment lol...

jessionpc879d ago

@jcnba28 he clearly means Nintendo, they are definitely the underdogs this generation.

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Movefasta1993880d ago (Edited 880d ago )

Zelda had way more gameplay, it showed soooo many new things,you have to give it to zelda based on what they had to show.

@ playable i agree,but still was the most impressive game,it wasn't a better conference than sony's or micro but zelda had the most impressive showing.

Playable_Gamez880d ago (Edited 880d ago )

Because Nintendo had nothing else to. Of course they shown a lot of Zelda.
If you are showing up to E3 with one game you better be showing a lot.

Babadook7879d ago

There weren't any ideas in Zelda that blew me away. Just a lot of simplistic climbing fighting and attaining items. Horizon seems like it has more 'new' in it. But that's probably just me.

MachuchalBrotha316880d ago

I felt like you guys are just picking God of War, just because, aside from the eye candy, what did it do better than Zelda.

Matter of fact I wouldn't even say God of War was the best game at Sony Conference....The Last Guardian to me was the best Sony game. (Even tho I make fun of how long theyve made us wait for it)...

Playable_Gamez880d ago

Personally one can argue Horizon.

wonderfulmonkeyman879d ago

I'm with Gamez on this one; I'd take Horizon over anything else shown to be coming to PS4, because it has a similar feel to Far Cry: Primal, only more futuristic than prehistoric, and I liked that game a lot.

jessionpc879d ago

I don't know... It has untouchably better graphics... The game play is much more refined, the combat is tight, the story is clearly designed for adults and not little kids stick or middle aged men who failed to launch who are painfully stuck in the 80s... GOW was able to completely change the face of GOW and go from a teen violence sex simulator to... TLOU. That is fucking legend.

Zelda manages to make a bigger, much better Windwaker. And hey, that's super great!... But it's only so great.

The 10th Rider879d ago

I dunno. God of War, Battlefield One, and Zelda are easily my top three. I would give it to Zelda because of the sheer amount of features and content they showed, and it was still only a small portion of the game. They had over five hours of gameplay showing off the different systems and features and I'm still learning new things about the game. However most people would probably consider me biased towards Nintendo.

If I had to pick an Xbox game, it'd be sea of thieves or gears of war. The stage demo of sea of thieves wasn't the best, but the floor demo was well received.

If I had to pick a PS game, it'd be god of war or horizon.

Tough call

PistolsAtDawn879d ago

Solid lists...however after that E3 it's easier for me to list games I'm NOT interested in than it is to list my favorites. Sony genuinely surprised me with 2 titles I wasn't expecting (DG and GoW), I already have Horizon pre-ordered...and I MIGHT be interested in Death Standing...we'll see. Zelda looked F'n Amazing, and from MS's show I was literally interested in every game except Tekken, but that's not a dig at the game...I just don't like fighting games. EA showed a few games I'm excited about and so did Ubisoft....all in all, a fantastic E3.

Erik7357879d ago (Edited 879d ago )

Zelda presented itself with a hour demo, cant beat that!

Zelda is a beautiful game but it seems to be empty and have muddy textures in the Wii-U version, im confident these problems wont exist in the NX though....but I wont be getting a nx till 3 years down the road honestly. I wish I waited to buy my ps4 till now, not on launch. Could of got it for 100 dollars cheaper and with uncharted 4, horizon, and bunch of other exclusives coming out for it now.

Zeldafan64879d ago

It was great to see that one woman from the Treehouse stream, can't remember her name, so excited about the story. It definitely looked like she was genuinely excited about it and not just pretending to be excited.

Bruh879d ago

Not surprised you'd get that many up votes N4G is riding Sony pretty hard. But Zelda blew God of War off the stage, play it in person and you'll understand that its essentially art made into a video game.

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Lonnie18880d ago (Edited 880d ago )

How? Really doubt it! Everybody wants to vote for the underdog lol. Doesn't come out for almost a year anyway...Everybody know God of War was game of show!

starchild880d ago

That's a matter of opinion. Lots of people loved the Zelda showing, including myself even though I don't currently own a Nintendo console. It looks great and it's easy to see why it might be some people's favorite showing at E3. I really liked the God of War demo, but it wasn't necessarily my favorite.

WickedLester879d ago

If the name Zelda wasnt attached to it, no one would have even considered it. However it does and Nintendo continues to be the unconditional media darling.

BrandanT879d ago

If the name "God of War" wasn't attached to it, would people care, wickedlester.

879d ago
truechainz879d ago

Horizon looks better than God of War to me personally.