PS3 hacking challenge ends without a winner

Remember that contest where you stood to win a PS3 if you managed to hack it? The tricked-out one with a 160GB HDD and pre-installed Linux (Fedora core 5 PPC + PS3 add-on), an HDMI cable, and a free copy of Resistance: Fall of Man?

Well, the deadline's come and gone and nobody proved to be l337 enough...

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MicroGamer5320d ago

If that's how slow a PS3 serves up webpages, it certainly does not live up to the supercomputer claims.

GRUNT5319d ago

I knew noone woul'd hack it. Either that or they just didn't try!

Raist5319d ago

The site loads quick for me. If you're speaking about, it has nothing to do with the PS3 server lol.

Well, i guess that the PS3 wasn't SO easy to hack, even tho we had dozens of comments here saying "lol linux, welcome hackers"

There's a link to a forum with some comments from guys who tried (21 pages). And you can ask him the attacks log