PAX 08 Video: Exclusive Resistance 2 Off-Screen Footage and captured some exclusive off-screen gameplay footage of Resistance 2.

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Overr8ed3698d ago

funny thing is that Insomniac Games had just started to polish the game (since they work on the gameplay first then the visuals) so expect it to look better on launch day.

JOLLY13698d ago

There were hardly ever lines at this booth. I guess people are just hoping it will look better for final release.

cahill3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

There was no line for Gears 2 either

u can see people being occupied at the booths of R2. There is a line and WATCH THE VIDEO

Resistance 2 has color unlike the washed out game with just 10 player online

Resistance 2 looks better than Gears 2 above

Resistance 2 is easily the biggest shooter of the year

wetowel3698d ago

Did you even watch the video? There is line of ppl wanting to play the game. Are you blind?

JOLLY13698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

Yes I did. I was also at PAX. I played the game. It was pretty fun. The graphics weren't spectacular. It was pretty typical. For nasim, there were huge lines at Gears. You really shouldn't spout off about stuff you don't know anything about. Also, spam or offensive....really? I didn't say anything offensive or as spam. There is one major spammer on this site and it is you child.

There are some pics from PAX if any of the kids want to think I wasn't there. that me playing r2? Oh....and some lbp?

JOLLY13698d ago

so many disagrees, yet know one wants to explain why they disagree?

actas1233698d ago

The variety of colors in this game gives it the upper hand over gears. Colors make it a lot more fun and "easier" to recognize whats what, especially in MP modes.

beavis4play3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

i'm not sure why anyone would disagree with you. you have a right to an opinion. you really haven't said anything that relevant to resistance however. the first game was great because of : innovative weapons; GREAT storyline; and huge battles. i liked the artstyle of the game but i never thought it was a game that survived on looks alone.(like gears1 did) "your pictures" mean nothing however. don't see the point to them. those pictures don't tell if you were at PAX or not.(people don't know what you look like so....?
so, you don't like resistance2 based on the multiplayer demo you played? well, let me share my opinion on gears with you.
truthfully, i was very disappointed in gears1. i don't own a 360 but a friend did at the time.(which is how i got to play it) gears 1 weapons were not anything special.(although chainsaw was fun for a few minutes) and the animations of marcus and all NPCs were worse than the weapons. there was no story in the game, which left the levels feeling like an unconnected series of mindless shooting situations. also, there were too many "on-rails" moments that came across as "filler" rather than gameplay. the look of the game was no where near as detailed as the pre-release "bullshots" . the multiplayer was laggy, buggy and only needed i weapon/strategy.(shotgun-just rush enemies and shotgun them)
now, gears 2 looks to be like gears1 except with a "2" in the name. the AI looks to be worse.(ex.- one new enemy swinging the ball and chain weapon politely stands still 20 seconds "allowing" marcus and dom to kill it.)last multi-player video i watched was very glitchy and the players looked like they were swiming in cement. the sound of the weapons was horrible and bullets hitting enemies showed blood but the connection of the bullets looked like they were ricocheting rather than penetrating. i wasn't at pax but can see the video for what it is. you say you're at PAX but don't really thoughtfully comment on resistance at all. this makes you sound like a blind (360)fanboy.
so jolly1, i agree with you on the disagrees. you have a right to your opinion. but, while some criticism at resistance may be warranted, we'll just have to wait till the release of the game.
i just wonder if you are as critical of a game if it comes out for the 360? i doubt you are.

JOLLY13698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

weapons were refreshing, the colors were nice (yes I wish gears wasn't gray), no communication was a huge problem (we were all just yelling out loud at each other) I have no idea how teams work without headsets (that was a side note) the graphics were pretty flat (this is multiplayer) the movement through the levels was fast-paced, the xp counter was fun for about 5 seconds, then you just ignored it. It just seemed like a typical shooter, with crazy weapons. Honestly the graphics need to be fixed though. I really belive that anyone that doesn't have their fanboy glasses on will be disappointed.

beavis4play3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

as long as the game continues the story from the first one i'll be happy. what really bugs me about resistance 2 is not being able to carry more than 2 weapons. that ain't cool! i'm looking forward to the squad combat in 60 player multi and 8 player co-op. really, i think both gears2 and resistance 2 are going to offer fun experiences in their own unique ways. but the only thing i was trying to explain in my above post is that all games have issues.(except KZ2...that sh1t looks insane good..HA!)well, i guess we'll find out about these games come november. thanks for the reply. i'll PM you when i play resistance 2 (gears2 as well if i can find someone with a 360) and let you know what i think.

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HipHopGamerShowFan3698d ago

I know HipHopGamer is looking forward to this title!

SpecialSauce3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

it's like a halo/ COD4 wanna be game. it looks soooo average. i love the PS3 so don't call me an xbot. i'm not buying this shyt unless it scores above 9 on IGN or gamespot. i'm sorry but this game is not AAA. it looks very boring and dull. i'll wait for killzone 2 thank u very much.

i'm calling a flop alert on this game.

El_Colombiano3698d ago

So you base your purchases on other random peoples opinions. Smart.

3698d ago
cr33ping_death3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

no your dad sucks balls Resistance 2 will be an awesome game along with Gears 2. i know ill be owning both :)

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3698d ago

PAX 08 Video: Exclusive xBot Lemmings CRYING Off-Screen Footage!!! ;-D

ThatCanadianGuy3698d ago

GOW2? was a PS2 game.
GeOW2 however is an xbox360 exclusive.If your going to troll atleast TRY not to be a complete f*cking idiot.

cemelc3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

-GOW is for "God of War"(Awesome Game) much better game than Gears

-R2 multiplayer(60 vs 60)>>>>>Gears2 multiplayer(puny 5 vs 5 jajajajajja 5 vs 5 man is not even on the same league ).

-R2 single player(plot)>>>> Gears2 single player(plotless mess).

-R2 coop(different from single player, 8 players)>>>>Gears2 coop(same as the single player, 2 players.... oh wait since R2 has a different coop from the single player means gears2 coop overwhelmed/crushed again not even on the same league ).

-R2 Epic Boss(building size) Battles>>>>> Gears2 Boss Battles(Berseker,bromak???? pls the leviathan can crush your puny berseker or bromak on all levels you name it: size, strength , not blind, can take more damage... heck even in the videos you can look that half of chicago is shooting at him and is not going down).

In what world Gears2 challenge in any way R2?? in your deluded head alone


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Hellsvacancy3698d ago

id like to see sum more single-player footage, it does look great though

Carbide73698d ago

Omg this thing DESTROYS gears,even in the graphics dept,

AngryHippo3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

.....bring up Gears when it has nothing to do with the thread. Why do sony fans always seem to bring it up, Why? What is your point in doing so? Are you that jealous? Please tell me, couldn't you just say that this game looks great?! No you had to be a [email protected] Both games will be great, get over it and please stop comparing two totally different types of games you moron.

ThatCanadianGuy3698d ago

Hey hippo! did you not notice the 360 fanboy scumbag
"i am a gangster" that brought it up first? Hypocrite.

Man i hate people like you.

redsnake3698d ago

i think this will be an excpetion game that will boost ps3 sales. however gears also looks pretty good. the 1 big difference for my is 2 campaigns and 30vs30 online rather than 5vs5. ill be picking up both tho

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